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“Set the Tone”

What happens in the first hour of your day usually sets the tone for the rest of the day to follow…either positive or negative. What has been proven most useful to get the best out of each day is to be proactive and “Set Your Own Tone” for the day. What is needed to “Set… Read more »

Who’s your Coach?

Many have asked me “Who is your Coach”? Which is a great question. I have had many coaches in my life and now my coaching lies with some of my past coaches and mentors along with my family and some close friends. We all need someone in our lives that we can rely on to… Read more »

Talk is cheap…

Many talk a great story but seem to stay in their rut, as time goes by. Opportunities are abundant and are there for the taking, all we have to do is be willing to do it. – Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Sometimes our “best friend”…

Can be our best friend. In living life, we can get consumed or even have our blinders on, in certain situations or with the direction were are attempting to go…simply because we are part of our deal, which makes our decisions subjective. A best friend is a good resource to help us along the way,… Read more »

In your “Next Life”…

You can do it differently. You can choose to be someone else. But I’m having so much fun, that in my “Next Life”… I want to come back as me! – Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Is it True??

Not everything we see, read or hear is the truth. BUT, we seem to be “wired” to react as though it is! To maintain inner peace, we must not react to everything we see, read or hear. Introspection must be done if a repetitive topic keeps coming up, as feedback for us to change for… Read more »

Create or Fix, Your Choice

People have the innate ability to create. When we are through creating, we have a natural default, that is…when we no longer create, we “Fix”. So without creating our future, we tend to want to “fix” the present, and that is simply finding out what is wrong and attempt to change it. Even if there… Read more »

Tough times never last…

But tough people do. Looking back on our tough times from the past, we can see that the tough times made us stronger and in most cases, the really tough situations, have allowed us to change course and ultimately, were really blessings in disguise. If everything were easy, there would be no resistance and with… Read more »

When goals are…

Ready, they are ready. Some of us use the “All or Nothing” in goal setting and it should really be “Better than Before.” But in reality, sometimes when we set a goal, it may lose priority…and we either stick to our goal until the bitter end, or we quit and feel guilty about not achieving… Read more »