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Staying Hungry…

It was the title of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first movie when he was the top in his game in bodybuilding. He said that “staying hungry” was his recipe for success, for if he was full, he would be satisfied and not do more to excel. Staying hungry is also the opposite of “the fat cat syndrome”,… Read more »

Don’t be afraid to see…

Yourself through another’s eyes. We all have a perception of who we are and what we can become, and the studies show that other people think more highly of you than you do of yourself. I think and believe that everyone has the ability to achieve at their highest potential and what stands in the… Read more »

Releasing Baggage??

It’s one of the 3 things that I go over in my Introduction to Coaching Workshops…why?? For one, there is no future in the past, and for two, you can’t climb mountains with heavy baggage from the past. But releasing baggage can be more difficult than it sounds, with some baggage harder to release than… Read more »

Are you a Dollar doing a Nickel Job??

That saying can take many meanings, but the one that can cover all bases is when you take a look at what you do in your life, are you doing it up to your potential? Some people are OK being a dollar doing a nickel job because they can’t fail. They do just enough to… Read more »

We are all Searching…

For things we have never had. As we grew up, there were a lot of “first times”: walking, winning, and a drivers license was a pretty big deal, along with graduating High School and our first love. That’s why kids are usually more excited than grown ups – new things and new experiences are the… Read more »

If you think you have…

A wonderful life…You will continue to have a wonderful life, for all that comes into your life that is not wonderful, you quickly discard, as it is not part of your reality. WOW, how sweet is that?? – Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Everybody’s “Picture” is Different

It’s called Perception. We all see different things…looking at the same thing. There have been studies that prove this concept, by having people describing what they saw…and the explanations and definitions, all differed. Being aware of this, and knowing that others will, most always, have a different point of view or perception than yours, is… Read more »

Whatever we…

Put up with…we get. It would nice if it were different, but it’s not. Is there anything we have been putting up with that we don’t necessarily want? If the answer is yes, there is no better way to stop getting what we’re getting, than to stop putting up with it. It’s not up to… Read more »

Is your “Deal” just the way you want it??

If so, fantastic…just keep making the right choices and attitude that has been supporting and creating your “Deal” just the way you want it. And if not, whether it be your situation, physical body, or your mental state…you have the ability to get it back on track, if you just think about how it all… Read more »

Being a “Winner”…

I have talked about being a “Winner” in my workshops and my coaching. It is meant to be used for Positive Self Talk (PST). By guiding your PST, you can raise the level of not only your self talk but raise your self esteem as well. These are the 2 out of the 3 building… Read more »