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Great Feats…

Are really something you can carry with you for the rest of your life and maybe even something to tell the Grandkids. Great Feats always have a common thread…it’s something we accomplish when we push ourselves beyond our normal limits. By undertaking a Great Feat, we need to keep our mind focused on the process… Read more »

Cost of Living vs. Standard of Living?

There is a difference. Cost of living is how much it costs you to afford the lifestyle you live vs your Standard of living is what you need to have a nice life. For instance, you can be happy with your “comfy” clothes and good home cooked meals but if you live in an expensive… Read more »

Some of us…

Relax better than others. That’s OK, if we choose to relax, when things are handled, or when we need a break …it’s just a part of balancing out. Relaxing is a great way to re-charge our “batteries” and get out of our head a bit, allowing us to be refreshed to “get back to it”… Read more »

Out of Exchange

Have you ever given your time, feelings, or money to someone, not expecting to get anything back but what you get back is a bad attitude, resentment or hate?? Not to worry…and don’t let this kind of “Payback” deter future giving from the heart. What happens when someone does something good to someone and is… Read more »

Spin it and Win it…In the Future?

Yes, you can go into a future situation with different attitudes and perceptions. You can go to a dental appointment with the view that “It will very uncomfortable and that you will dread the shot and the drilling while imagining the smoke billowing from your mouth as the Doctor hits a nerve.” OR you can… Read more »

An employee came to me today…

…with something she had for years but just found it last night…it said, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn’t fail”? It was nice to hear that she was finally excited about the possibilities awaiting her in the future, because only a month ago she hit rock bottom. She was telling… Read more »

Things aren’t going your way?

Well, stand in line, there are many others waiting too. We would all like things to go our way – all the time – but that’s not how life works. But thinking back, we can remember times when things were really “clicking” and we seem to be controlling the “dial” on the success machine. And… Read more »

Is your life…

Going the way you want it to? If so, fantastic, help others…if not, what are you doing about it? Lat time I checked, whining, complaining and moaning isn’t a plan, they are just good techniques for us to feel sorry for ourselves, while hoping others will too. And I’ve never known of someone who has… Read more »

Occasionally, we need to…

Retreat to our “neutral corner”, and take care of our own. In order for us to catch our breath, take a look at the big picture of our lives and the ones in it. It’s sort of a reassessment, where we can see just how our lives and the ones in it are being taken… Read more »

In my first 5 years of Practice…

The holiday season was dismal. I had to pay the clinic bills with the Thanksgiving week, the Christmas week and the week between Christmas and new Years basically “shot” as far as producing income. Everyone “seemed” to be using their dough for gifts and parties and spent their time with their families…at least that was… Read more »