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Some don’t listen. In 1954, doctors and scientist said no one can run a mile under 4 minutes. Our bone structure was wrong, wind resistance was too great, our hearts could not take the strain and our lungs were inadequate. Roger Bannister wasn’t listening. He trained his 25 year old body and mind with thousands… Read more »

Maybe we should think…

Of others first…for a change? You know the deal…many times we think of ourselves first and consider others as just bugging us or getting in the way? Well, others have their own deal too. So if a family member, coworker or friend is bugging you or getting in our way by just being themselves, we… Read more »

Remember when we…

We were around 16 and “knew it all”? I know, I sure did, but it was mostly about what things were, and not about how things worked…big difference. Being knowledgeable about what things are, is all good, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Knowing how things work, comes over time and with experience,… Read more »

Rise and Shine!

Yep – The old school phrase used when you woke up and it’s a time tested, powerful 3 word affirmation which we should all repeat, or use as our daily morning mantra. Make no mistake about it – it’s not Rise and Dull…it’s “RISE AND SHINE”:) My wife and 15 year old daughter choose to… Read more »

Looking at a…

Blank, Full Year Calender, with all 12 months in view, we can see the entire year empty. And in viewing the New Year as a “Clean Slate“, it can conjure up all sorts of scenarios and possibilities that we have the opportunity to fill in. What are we going to do to make this the… Read more »


I need it, I want it, seems like I haven’t had it in such a long time. Something sweet, something cool, something satisfying…. Yes, I want ice cream. I am so hungry for ice cream, I would do anything for it. When I close my eyes I can imagine how good it will be to… Read more »

Don’t let go…

If you have a dream – don’t let go. If you have a plan and things seem to get in the way – don’t let go. If your sight gets clouded, remember you still have your vision – don’t let go. It is your life – don’t ever let go. – Dr. Vik, The Culture… Read more »

Overcoming Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a demineralization of the bone, mostly with respect to calcium. It results in less bone density and makes one susceptible to fracture. Many people can over come this by understanding it’s cause. Wolff’s Law is explained as “bone will remodel itself over time to become stronger in response to the stresses put upon… Read more »

The Best Investment…

We can ever make is in our Mind and Body…and learning new things to help us is Never a waste of time. We are not born with all the answers and secrets that will help us be as healthy as possible, and we might have even been raised with some things that are not so… Read more »

Taking it to the “Next Level?”

Why not, everything else is going there. Would you like to work on a 1980’s computer? Or drive a 1930’s car? How about using the old telephone you had to crank? Even from birth we have been taking it to the “Next Level” with our experiences, knowledge and skills we acquire. Change is good and… Read more »