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One nice thing…

That’s all I want you to do. Some people do at least one nice thing a day and if YOU haven’t been doing at least one nice thing a day…time to start. I’m not talking about doing a nice thing for yourself, I’m talking about one nice thing for someone else. The pay off?? The… Read more »

Do you have a Laundry List…

That never seems to end? Well, me too…and at times, it gets discouraging. But in reality, we never get totally done doing things so we really can’t expect our laundry list to end because we keep on adding to it. So remember not to get discouraged, your laundry list may never get done, but things… Read more »

“Live” Foods

Our bodies are self-healing machines. You have almost 200K miles of blood vessels that are always under repair. Research has proved that you have at least 4 “out of control” areas in your body at any given time that your white blood cells police and handle. As a matter of fact, you receive a “Brand… Read more »

If that Diet and Exercise…

…is taking the weight off too quickly…here’s some tips to gaining it back: 1. DON’T EXERCISE – Better yet, try to not move at all, this will keep your metabolism at the lowest level possible. So if you have to work, do it with little movement only and then get home ASAP and lie on… Read more »

We all fall victim…

At some times in our lives. But we don’t need to become one. Life is a game of numbers and we can “occasionally” fall victim of this or that. But becoming a victim is not a game of numbers, it’s a game of self inflicted failure…and that’s not like us and shouldn’t be. Yours in… Read more »

Lean on it…

It will make you feel good. We are talking about our daily routine of getting our “things” done. We usually plan our time to get done just what we need to get done for that day, and rarely handle things of tomorrow. Maybe just once in a while, after some nice rest, we can “lean… Read more »

Pressure is a Privilege.

Anyone can look good when things are clicking, in abundance or with a tail wind. The time we meet a little resistance, is when the bright lights shine, and the game begins. Many great Leaders get a little nervous when things are going smoothly, as they understand that it is difficult to succeed success, and… Read more »

Game of Numbers?

Yes, in life most all of our opportunities come from everywhere, and if we entertain all of our opportunities and pick the best ones…the more we draw from, the better our chances are to have more to choose from. Focusing on one opportunity can be good, but it doesn’t allow us Plan B or C… Read more »

Gratuitary Gland?

It’s kind of like the Pituitary gland. But instead of it’s primary role of providing growth of your body, the Gratuitary gland is in control of positive growth in your life. It’s function is stimulated by being grateful and showing gratitude for all the blessing we have in our lives which promotes future growth… the… Read more »


…Any game gets easier over time. So when is it time for you to “Up the Game”? – Dr. Vik, The Culture King