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Reverse Psychology?

They say…it sometimes works – check this out. Maybe not try to be so “cheery” when you “rise and shine”. Wake up mad at the world, and use this word for everything you do in the morning – “Horrible”. If you have someone else in the house, you can let them know how horrible you… Read more »

Big Week?

You Betcha! Every week is big for us, that’s the way we roll! And in our efforts towards our big week, it’s best that we handle the little things such as cleaning, housework, laundry and all of our other affairs, so that we can focus on our big week. I know it doesn’t seem that… Read more »

Right down the Pipe…

It’s baseball season…and that’s the phrase used when it comes to what the batters want to see their pitch to be – “right down the pipe”. It allows the batter to swing confidently and not be confused by an off speed pitch or a breaking ball that is hard to follow. The phrase can also… Read more »

We are constantly …

Moving forward in our lives. And we can be moving towards opportunity or away from it…all our choice. This is based on our thoughts, decisions and actions that arise from them. So we must me mindful and understanding…Are we moving along a path that will meet very few choices…or many choices? Yours in “Thought” –… Read more »

The happiest people…

Don’t always have the best of everything, but make the best of everything they have. That’s because happiness doesn’t depend on money, people or things. You can remind yourself, if need be, to just think of the people who are smiling the most and the happiest – Children. – Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Great Feats…

Are really something you can carry with you for the rest of your life and maybe even something to tell the Grandkids. Great Feats always have a common thread…it’s something we accomplish when we push ourselves beyond our normal limits. By undertaking a Great Feat, we need to keep our mind focused on the process… Read more »

Cost of Living vs. Standard of Living?

There is a difference. Cost of living is how much it costs you to afford the lifestyle you live vs your Standard of living is what you need to have a nice life. For instance, you can be happy with your “comfy” clothes and good home cooked meals but if you live in an expensive… Read more »

Some of us…

Relax better than others. That’s OK, if we choose to relax, when things are handled, or when we need a break …it’s just a part of balancing out. Relaxing is a great way to re-charge our “batteries” and get out of our head a bit, allowing us to be refreshed to “get back to it”… Read more »

Out of Exchange

Have you ever given your time, feelings, or money to someone, not expecting to get anything back but what you get back is a bad attitude, resentment or hate?? Not to worry…and don’t let this kind of “Payback” deter future giving from the heart. What happens when someone does something good to someone and is… Read more »

Spin it and Win it…In the Future?

Yes, you can go into a future situation with different attitudes and perceptions. You can go to a dental appointment with the view that “It will very uncomfortable and that you will dread the shot and the drilling while imagining the smoke billowing from your mouth as the Doctor hits a nerve.” OR you can… Read more »