Being a “Winner”…

I have talked about being a “Winner” in my workshops and my coaching. It is meant to be used for Positive Self Talk (PST).

By guiding your PST, you can raise the level of not only your self talk but raise your self esteem as well. These are the 2 out of the 3 building blocks to start your great, successful journey.

But in life, you don’t always have to “Win” to be a “Winner”.

True Winners are not afraid to attempt. And if they face defeat, they re-group and attempt again in a more knowledgeable fashion, if they so desire.

True Winners often allow others to win, in order to help others raise their level of abilities or confidence. They graciously give, not afraid nor concerned about who “Wins”.

It’s all about how you “play the game”… not just the end result.

Yes it really helps to have a Positive Self Talk (PST) in your mind, but it is not imperative, in life, to “Win” to be a “Winner”.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

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