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Time Erases Emotion?

Sure does, and some things just need a little more time to balance out. What we are talking about here is the Emotion of Temper. Remember the last time you had a touch of road rage  and wanted to pull the person out of the car and do a couple round house kicks to the… Read more »

Finding Our Passion…

Can be difficult. I’ve heard it a thousand times: “Find your passion and your life will be what you want it to be”. Yeah, but how. I have found that our passion can be found through the things we don’t want to do…through experience, and the process of elimination. So start by finding out the… Read more »

Look at the “Whole Picture”

Many times we tend to focus on the situation or person without regard to the whole picture. I even catch myself at times…as well as people I coach. One of the main topics I come in contact with are challenges with family members. For instance, the parents get all lathered up because their teenager is… Read more »

Every Ten Generations…

A hero is born. And once in a lifetime, there is a change in the path of history. Those who have been a part of the change, must celebrate. There is no time to wait, for it is our time. We have been part of what may have started as the absence of beauty, or… Read more »

Getting together…

With friends, is important. We all can spend time alone to help us with our thoughts of who we really are, but spending time with our friends can help us with what we are all about. So let’s all make an effort to spend some time having fun with our friends, because if we don’t…the… Read more »

Sometimes, we don’t need to…

Give ourselves a “back door”. As Cerebral thinkers, we usually include a trap door or escape hatch to allow us a way out if our plans don’t work…it’s just a part of our inherent quest for self survival. But when our plans are for taking our lives to the “Next Level” we may want to… Read more »

What’s In It For Me

This is a question that we all ask ourselves in many different situations. Since we ask ourselves that question, we must be aware that others are asking themselves that same question too. So when we would like to have things go “our” way, we must provide the answer for others when, in their head, they… Read more »

Holiday Traditions?

Bring family and friends together, which we look forward to all year long. But we don’t have to wait for the Holidays Traditions, set in the days of old…we can make up our own Traditions for the times in between! What Traditions have you set up? Tailgate parties? Sunday dinners? Friday Pizza nights? Mid week… Read more »

Have you ever noticed…

That the one thing or the many things that bug us, only do so when we are in a bad mood? That’s because, we have allowed ourselves to be in a bad mood, and what we then see, or pick up on, is simply in alignment with our thoughts or emotion. What we think about… Read more »

It’s not always what we get…

It’s what we make out of what we got. Ever know someone that seems to have it all. and does nothing with it, and continues to look elsewhere?…and it may even be you? Well, many people do wonders with what they already have, and make what they have into a Masterpiece. We’re not saying stop… Read more »