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Your body is a captive audience.

It can only perform on what YOU put inside of it and can only be moved or exercised when YOU decide. So feeding it well and keeping it mobile with exercise is the real recipe to a successful owners manual. If you don’t do it…no one else will. Yours in Proper Maintenance – Coach

If you think you have…

A wonderful life…You will continue to have a wonderful life, for all that comes into your life that is not wonderful, you quickly discard, as it is not part of your reality. WOW, how sweet is that?? – Dr. Vik, The Culture King

First, I was dying…

To be old enough to get my license and drive a car, Then I was dying to finish high school and go to college, Then I was dying to get a job, get married and have kids, Then I was dying to to have my kids grow up and retire, Then I realize, I am… Read more »

Need a stress reliever?

Take a good look around you and what’s cluttering up your life. Too much “stuff” that is left undone, research shows, causes stress and doesn’t allow us to clearly focus…because of the “stuff” that we know, eventually has to be handled. So, from time to time, we need to take a “time out” and handle… Read more »

The moment we start to…

Count our regrets, instead of our blessings, we have lost the game. Regrets, yeah, we probably have a few, but not enough to count. After all, we are now in the present and we are a product of all that has gone on in the past. And regrets are just living in the past, and… Read more »

Everybody’s “Picture” is Different

It’s called Perception. We all see different things…looking at the same thing. There have been studies that prove this concept, by having people describing what they saw…and the explanations and definitions, all differed. Being aware of this, and knowing that others will, most always, have a different point of view or perception than yours, is… Read more »

Whatever we…

Put up with…we get. It would nice if it were different, but it’s not. Is there anything we have been putting up with that we don’t necessarily want? If the answer is yes, there is no better way to stop getting what we’re getting, than to stop putting up with it. It’s not up to… Read more »

The “Next Level”

Recently, people have been coming to me and have displayed reservations on taking their lives to the “Next Level” with respect to their employment. Maybe it’s the year end reflection, or maybe it’s knowing that the new year is coming up. I haven’t quite figured it out, but it’s definitely a surge in my coaching… Read more »

We are Thankful…

For our part in paying the rent, it keeps a roof over our heads and keeps us dry. For our utility bills, it will help keep us warm with heating and water. For the low gasoline prices, it let’s us have more money for what we want, instead of what we need. For our tight… Read more »