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We all have a blank…

Check for new construction in our lives. It just all depends on what we how much we want to spend, and what we want to spend it on. By looking at our lives, it becomes pretty clear what we have been spending, and how much. Yours in “Making Investments” – Coach

What happened?

I was “Fresh” this morning? Yes, straight out of bed and into the shower, clean clothes and your battery fully charged to meet the day with considerable relish! Then as the day goes on, things start to drag a bit, and at bedtime, you are fully shot? Just the way things go. It would be… Read more »


Light stress or stress in short duration can actually be good for us, as our body has the ability to “recover” and become stronger. But continued stress, with out relief, can breakdown even the strongest. There are a lot of things in life you may need to stress about but there are so many more… Read more »

Looking towards the Future!

The best days of our lives that we have experienced are obviously in the past, and many people have let me know of them in precise detail. The common thread was that their best days were all positive! Since we play out our dominant thoughts in reality…being positive and staying overall positive…it only makes sense… Read more »

Is your glass 1/2 full…

Or 1/2 empty? It’s really the same thing, but it’s the way we look at it, that makes the difference. The same goes with our lives. We can see the positive or see the negative and view our lives as 1/2 full or 1/2 empty even though it is the same thing. And in looking… Read more »

Grateful and Thankful?

Being Grateful and Thankful are 2 major keys in living in abundance. The Universe seems to reward people who have the constant attitude of being grateful and thankful because when you are in that state of mind you attract more of what you are thankful and grateful for. The opposite is also true, if you… Read more »

I don’t need you cause I “Gotcha”

You know, the friends and family that you really don’t “need”, because you “got them”. You can see them or call them every six months and it seems like there is no time in between, and you just pick up where you left off, nothing “needy” about it. That’s a true friend. –          Dr. Vik,… Read more »

Many times we…

Compare our “worst” to everyone’s “best”. We just want to see how we stack up against the competition, nothing wrong with that. But in doing so, we sometimes set ourselves up for failure, if we don’t think about all the things we are good at. We can’t be good at everything and there are many… Read more »

In Planning Our…

Future, we need to focus on abundance and not lack. I have dealt with many, that have focused on the risks and challenges that may come into play, which shifts the focus to what they don’t want – “lack” vs. what they do want. We need to understand the risks an challenges, but be focused… Read more »

Being a “Winner”…

I have talked about being a “Winner” in my workshops and my coaching. It is meant to be used for Positive Self Talk (PST). By guiding your PST, you can raise the level of not only your self talk but raise your self esteem as well. These are the 2 out of the 3 building… Read more »