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My youngest boy…

Sam is a giver. Always wanting to help you in any way he can. So the other day, he said, “Dad, I have a couple of thoughts for your blog”: “Smiles go for miles”. “Dont shurk work”. That’s my boy! Yours in “Thinking Right” – Coach

The clock keeps ticking…

Regardless, if we are asleep or awake. And many of us worry that we are racing against the clock. We’re not advising that we waste time, or think that we have unlimited time in our lives to what we want. We are just saying that we need not worry about time, and the clock ticking,… Read more »

Life doesn’t get much better!

Sure we have our ups and downs, ins and outs, ahead and behind, we can go on and on, it’s just called balance, everything in life has balance. We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, plants do the opposite. The tide rises and then retreats, there is day and then night. So what’s… Read more »

5 Keys to Reduce Stress

1. Breathe – When we are stressed, our back muscles tighten up in response, not allowing for full expansion of the rib cage, so unless we consciously think about taking some deep breathes from time to time,  we are starving our body of oxygen, continuing the process. 2. Exercise – This let’s us get out… Read more »

Recently, I have talked with…

Many that want to have passive income, instead of trading their time for money. Good idea, but their plan is not to create it, just to have it happen. Maybe they should focus on creating something that would generate passive income as a result of their hard work. From every harvest…first comes planting, cultivation and… Read more »

Shopping the “Loop”

Focus on the shopping “Loop”, We need to eat and for most of us, hopefully the grocery store is the place where we get the majority of our food as opposed to eating out, for obvious reasons. But shopping in grocery store can be just as unhealthy as eating fast food, if we aren’t mindful… Read more »

Bad always hurts…

And good always helps. That is a good thing to remember, when it comes to our thoughts. Thinking good is paramount in having our bodies chemistry working at it’s best, allowing our health to be tops, and thinking good also helps us to focus on the positive…which allows us to have the positive come into… Read more »

The chain of Command…

Usually brings about a chain of emotion. Focusing on what an employee does wrong, instead of what they do right, begets the employee focusing on what others are doing wrong, instead of what they are doing right. Empowering an employee for their talents and skills, translates to the employee empowering others for their talents and… Read more »

Challenge Sleeping? “Cool your Jets”!

Since your body temperature drops to it’s lowest while you sleep, doing what you can to help it out will increase your chances of falling asleep and remaining there. Research is divided whether the drop in body tempurature is the reason you go to sleep or a by product of minimizing movement, in either case,… Read more »

Life has it’s serious moments…

Where we have to “buckle down” and focus and handle, what needs to be handled. But it doesn’t mean that we have to be serious all the time. Having fun, like when we were kids, without a worry in the world, has it’s place in our lives, even as “gown ups”. So if we catch ourselves being too… Read more »