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Communication is not always…

What we say…it is what is heard, that completes the cycle. As “cloudy” communication results in: “I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure your realize that what you heard is not what I meant”. So if we want to have the end result of what we want… Read more »

Weight Gain and Soda Consumption???

Here’s the deal: Regular soft drinks contain large amounts of HFCS – High Frustose Corn Syrup, which impairs the feedback loop to your brain, resulting in you not being able to tell that you are full. This explains some of the people I coach that drink up to 12 regular sodas a day, and want… Read more »

We should always…

Believe in ourselves. Simple enough, but not always the easiest to do. We need to know, and remember that when we don’t believe in ourselves…doubt creeps in and can mess a lot of things up – all the way from taking a test to hitting a golf ball, and everything in between. We don’t have… Read more »

Having fun yet??

Make sure you take baby steps… “Inch by inch , it’s a cinch and yard by yard is hard”. Changing habits can be difficult, only if you let it. Just introduce or replace an old habit with a new one a little bit at a time… this will start a routine that can develop into… Read more »

There are times to work hard…

And there are times to rest. But some of us have a hard time with the resting part. When we are resting, we are gearing up for the work part, but if we are bored or feel we aren’t productive while resting, we are not charging our batteries, which makes us less productive during the… Read more »

Many of us have our time off…

Where we can cut loose or just relax. And that’s great – we all need to balance out. But does our time off also contain “quality” time? We can all work and relax, but that only takes in consideration our lives, and is the right ticket if we are alone and have no friends or… Read more »

Muddy Waters…

Said it all, back in the day…”You can’t spend what you ain’t got, and you can’t lose what you never had”. So maybe we need to focus on spending what we got…and get it out in the world, because we all have a lot…a massive heap of contributions to offer. And if we can’t lose… Read more »


…The things you don’t want in your life and Select the things you want… Put them as part of your dominant thought and you will, over time, create what you have declared. Yours in Simplicity – Coach

“Live” Foods

Our bodies are self-healing machines. You have almost 200K miles of blood vessels that are always under repair. Research has proved that you have at least 4 “out of control” areas in your body at any given time that your white blood cells police and handle. As a matter of fact, you receive a “Brand… Read more »


You betcha – there’s more than one kind of Love. Agape; Unselfish love, brotherly love, mouth wide open, as in wonder, surprise or eagerness. Sure does smack of the love found within the Culture at Zappos. Agape can help with anything you’re involved with,  and  it sure helps to “Make the World a Better Place”…. Read more »