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You can always be a Winner and…

…not Always win. We don’t need to interpret every loss as losing, but as giving to that which does not mean much to us…it’s called “Choosing Our Battles”. Life is give and take, a beautiful balance, and even sometimes it’s better to let someone else “win”, to help make the world a better place. As… Read more »

Cutting Calories…

Out of our daily diet, can be a more difficult task than adding them. Our daily diet consists of around 2000 – 2500 calories a day – give or take, depending on size, age and gender. And 1/4, or more, of our daily caloric intake, in many cases, can be the amount of calories in… Read more »

What’s your cause?

A “cause” is why you do what you do, and can be used for keeping focus as time marches on. It can also be a motivator, a reason and even a defining statement of what you’re about. Southwest Airlines is about the freedom to fly and connect with loved ones through the much lower fares… Read more »

Taking it to the “Next Level”?

An employee, who recently set a 30 day goal…finally broke though. He was admittedly poor with making goals and accomplishing what he set out to do. And since he has been putting things off for too long, he decided to make a goal, with little hope of actually achieving it. But he made his goal… Read more »

Give me some water!

Our bodies are mostly water and we should really replace about 2.4 liters of water through drinking and the foods we eat, or take your body weight, cut it in half and that’s the amount of ounces daily, of fluid intake recommended. But many of us follow this daily program: Breakfast: Coffee (diuretic – which… Read more »

We can all talk about…

What it’s about, but it’s about – that’s it. We can also say, “it is what it is”…or “it just is”, and it won’t change one iota. So in understanding that talking about, what it’s about, won’t change a thing – maybe we could talk about what it’s going to be, or could be. Not… Read more »

Customer Objectives?

Are probably the same as personal ones. Concerning relationships with customers, clarifying into 3 objectives makes sense: 1. Create a relationship. 2. Have them feel good about their purchase – or investment with you. 3. Have them feel good about themselves. So whether it’s a business or personal relationship – keep to the objectives. Yours… Read more »

Ever make a financial blunder?

We all have, and if life gave us do-overs, it would be great, but that’s not how life works. Losing money is never easy because making it can sometimes be difficult, and making up for lost money can mean working double time or maybe just smarter. But understanding our mistakes and poor choices when it… Read more »

What’s Clouding your…

Decision? From time to time, we fail to “pull the trigger” when it becomes to important things with in our lives. Do we make the move? Is now the right time? Will it it backfire on me, instead of making progress which is intended? Remember, “No decision is a decision”. So we can always stay… Read more »

If you think you have…

A wonderful life…You will continue to have a wonderful life, for all that comes into your life that is not wonderful, you quickly discard, as it is not part of your reality. WOW, how sweet is that?? Yours in Choice – Coach