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No more fun and games in your life?

I don’t know about you, but if that were the case, what’s the use? But some people live by that rule, for they either, by choice or default, allow too much focus to be put on life, and not enough on living. So keep the fun and games in your life, it will make the… Read more »

You can always be a Winner and…

…not Always win. We don’t need to interpret every loss as losing, but as giving to that which does not mean much to us…it’s called “Choosing Our Battles”. Life is give and take, a beautiful balance, and even sometimes it’s better to let someone else “win”, to help make the world a better place. As… Read more »

Time for some…

Spring cleaning within our bodies? Sure, Spring is the time for “spring cleaning everything”. And nature has prepared everything for us to do just that. Warming weather and sunshine is there for us to move more and get all our organs, tissues and muscles to get moving again, and to help us clean our body… Read more »

Let’s face it…

There are just some things that we don’t want to do, and can’t delegate, that makes us tired just thinking of them. That’s the point, the hardest and the worst part…is “thinking” about what we have to do. It’s best to just get them done and our minds can once again be free…for at least… Read more »

Have you Graduated from…

The school of “Hard Knocks and Make Due? The ones that I have seen – are pretty good at figuring things out. “Street Smarts” are just as important as “school smarts”. Because “street smarts” are what we learn when we are on our own and we usually get instant feedback. There is nothing ethereal or… Read more »

Do we like our Life?

I sure hope so, for it’s the only one we got. Pondering the question of “Do we like our life?”, can bring about many different scenarios. We always have the ability and choice to like our life, even if there are some things in it that we don’t necessarily like.This may sound like rhetoric, but… Read more »

Life doesn’t get much better!

Sure we have our ups and downs, ins and outs, ahead and behind, we can go on and on, it’s just called balance, everything in life has balance. We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, plants do the opposite. The tide rises and then retreats, there is day and then night. So what’s… Read more »

It’s easier to give than to take?

Yes, when we are talking about our daily calorie intake. Most of our calories we take in per day is “usually” around the same amount as we are often considered creatures of habit…if we stick to meals and nothing in between. But is is much easier to “give” our daily calorie intake a bit more… Read more »

Stop chasing…

And start embracing! Got that one from my friend Snowy, National Sales Manager at Oneill! We may all feel like we are chasing our own tail, in these times, and we need to start embracing what is real in our lives. Let’s focus on what really matters…like our friends and family, and be thankful for… Read more »

Acknowledgment and Recognition…

Are on the “Top of the List” of the things people desire most in their personal and business life. Starting with ourselves, is the best way to get what we deserve, without relying on any external input…which we can’t always count on. When was the last time you really acknowledged or recognized yourself for a… Read more »