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There is a saying..

“Those who don’t read history, are condemned to repeat it”. But more precisely, cycles in history, life and nature, are what we need to understand. Most everything is cyclical – if viewed with enough time. The cycle that spans the human life are birth, growth, receding, death, and in ancient history they represent it as… Read more »

The “Next Level”?

No one ever got anywhere without putting themselves out there…at least, just a little bit. Your pride is usually the only thing put at risk. Yours in – taking that risk – Coach

Let’s be Grateful…

For what we have, and for whatever comes our way. There are many who are less fortunate than us, and some work much harder…for much less. We have a place to sleep, food to eat, clothes to wear and our choice to take it from there…and for some, the rest is just a bonus, but… Read more »

The Drama Bomb?

Ah, yes…when things get tough, some of us use the Drama bomb. It’s a real good way to divert attention to what is really going on or what really happened…and the ones that are really good at it, even leave people scratching their heads, trying to think back to what the real issue was. It’s… Read more »

The “Next Level”

Recently, people have been coming to me and have displayed reservations on taking their lives to the “Next Level” with respect to their employment. Maybe it’s the year end reflection, or maybe it’s knowing that the new year is coming up. I haven’t quite figured it out, but it’s definitely a surge in my coaching… Read more »

It’s never a waste of time…

Or energy, when we choose to grow. Growth always needs something, and when it comes to us…our best investment for growth is our time and energy. If we choose to grow and give nothing, what we choose, will wither away. So let’s not cheat ourselves, for what we invest in, is an investment in our… Read more »

Eating well…

Keeps us well, it’s as simple as that. We do tend to pick the stuff that tastes good, over the stuff that is good for us. Why? Because the folks that make “food” know this, and they use every “tool in their bag” to make their product tastes the best, so we choose it…and buy… Read more »

Fear or Faith?

When we have Fear as a driving force, we are in a negative mode, reacting to what is around us, whereas when we have faith as a driving force, we are in a positive mindset, and respond to the things around us…and we can play our own game. So if we want to get ahead… Read more »

Close the Loop?

Ever applied somewhere and never heard back? Or been asked to be involved to participate in another’s deal only to be left hanging? It speaks loud and clear that they have forgotten about you and, in turn, they are letting you know that they are on to more important things. So whenever you involve others,… Read more »

In the wild..

There is usually a leader in most species of animals. And in most animal groups, there is a leader at one end of the scale and on the other end is the runt. The “pecking order” if you will, is usually based on size and strength, and is tied with the concept of survival of… Read more »