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We all have the choice…

To either “Lift Up” or “Pull Down”, when it comes to the people, relationships, and situations in our lives. And the outcome will always be in alignment with what we choose. So let’s all make our future choices, the choice that will positively affect us all. Your in “Choice” – Coach

We are constantly …

Moving forward in our lives. And we can be moving towards opportunity or away from it…all our choice. This is based on our thoughts, decisions and actions that arise from them. So we must me mindful and understanding…Are we moving along a path that will meet very few choices…or many choices? Yours in “Thought” –… Read more »

Battle vs War?

General Lee, in the Civil war, sure was successful in the battles he led, but they lost the war. The same with Hannibal in his quest to burn down Rome…he won virtually all his battles, but never succeeded in his end result, to destroy Rome. Great efforts, but the end result of the battles was… Read more »

Pain is just an…

Interpretation. In science, it’s called “pain perception”. When the pain receptor (nocirecptor nerve ending) is stimulated, nerve impulses go up and down our spine in the lateral spinothalamic tract, to and from the brain, allowing us to respond or react to the stimulus. So it’s not the pain we feel, it’s the information transmitted and… Read more »

A Sunday Drive is nice…

But taking a Sunday Drive every day of the week will not get us too far. Balance is great, don’t get me wrong, but doing things just to be doing things, without direction, most of the time will just not help us get where we want to go. During the week, we may just want… Read more »

If we act from…

The heart, we never make a mistake. The heart has no vengeance, retribution nor malice…that comes from the brain. The heart has passion, compassion and love. So let’s all act from our hearts and we can never go wrong. Yours in “From the Heart” – Coach

Why me?

Is a question we often ask ourselves, especially when we are having a tough time. You know the deal, one bad thing happens in our lives, or to us, then a couple more seem to pile on, just because, until we are at the end of our rope asking “Why me”? Why not? We know… Read more »

Who’s your Coach?

Many have asked me “Who is your Coach”? Which is a great question. I have had many coaches in my life and now my coaching lies with some of my past coaches and mentors along with my family and some close friends. We all need someone in our lives that we can rely on to… Read more »

No more fun and games in your life?

I don’t know about you, but if that were the case, what’s the use? But some people live by that rule, for they either, by choice or default, allow too much focus to be put on life, and not enough on living. So keep the fun and games in your life, it will make the… Read more »

You can always be a Winner and…

…not Always win. We don’t need to interpret every loss as losing, but as giving to that which does not mean much to us…it’s called “Choosing Our Battles”. Life is give and take, a beautiful balance, and even sometimes it’s better to let someone else “win”, to help make the world a better place. As… Read more »