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High Fructose Corn Sugar – HFCS??

We Americans digest more High Fructose Corn Syrup or “HFCS” than natural sugar and the ratio is rising. Why? Because it’s cheaper and easier to transport than traditional sugar?? It is found in soft drinks, cereals, condiments and a host of other products and even in “natural foods.” A quick check of ingredients will surprise… Read more »

Have we been…

Keeping in touch with our friends and family? In my experience with coaching many folks over the years, a good majority of them have let it be known that “keeping in touch” was not their best attributes. But when they realize it, most of them have mad a plan and made it a point, to… Read more »

When we play the…

“Blame Game”, we are not taking responsibility, and therefore, we will be missing any lesson that the situation has to offer us. Yes, it’s easier to blame something or someone else for the things in our life or what happens to us, but we can never learn much when we point fingers. So let’s all… Read more »

Your skin is your bodies largest…

Organ of elimination. Summer heat and dryness being combated by lotions and creams may leave your pores clogged and thereby reducing your skins ability to do it’s job. You can take proactive measures by brushing you skin with either a wet or dry brush or washcloth to help to open up what needs to be… Read more »

Having a great time along our…

Journey, is much more than 1/2 the fun. Many times, we head out on a journey, focused with our heads down, moving straight ahead to achieve our goals. And there is somoething admirable about a person who can laser their energies to end up with their end goal. But even more admirable, is the one who can… Read more »

Stay on the…

Cautious side? That’s no fun, but when it comes to our wants, it may help us out. Taking only what we need, versus what we want can be good for us. Whether it means forgetting about that second helping of food or drink, or even taking more than we need from our friends. Taking only… Read more »

Does it hurt?

If it does – it usually means one of two things: 1. We are either doing something that is not right for our body. 2. Or we are pushing our body past it’s previous “Limit”. That’s the fuzzy part. When we are doing something not right for our body, our innate alarm system rings the… Read more »


A growing trend of adult onset diabetes is brought on by choices within our diet. The major culprit is the increasing choices of foods that are processed with sugars and refined carbohydrates. These products take practically nothing at all to break down and spikes your blood stream with sugars which your body attempts to store,… Read more »

We all have a Past…

Otherwise we wouldn’t be here. And in looking back on hard times we have All had…it’s just a wrinkle in time. Remember that. Yours in “No Biggie” – Coach

Start a Great Week

WOW, just back from the weekend! Time to start a great new week!! Why is it going to be a great week??? Because You say so. That’s right, You say so. What does that have to do with Health Awareness?? Mental health is paramount for happiness. All the health and wealth in the world won’t… Read more »