You are what you eat??

Not really, more precisely, you are what you digest and absorb.

Through evolution, we people had a diet consisting of a very low variety of foods per meal. For instance, if we grew corn, that’s what we ate. If we foraged and found a patch of ripe berries, that’s what we had. If we were lucky enough to trap an animal, we had that…and so on.

Your body is also pretty specific on how it breaks down food.
Eat a carbohydrate and the breakdown starts with the enzyme amylase found in the saliva.
Eat protein and the HCL and pepsin start the digestive process in the stomach.

With protein, the pyloric sphincter closes so that the protein can pre-digest for up to 8 hours in the stomach and since carbohydrates do not need to pre-digest, they should go through the stomach within about an hour, and that’s just scratching the surface of what your body does with the foods you eat.

So by mixing too many different foods at one time, your body can get confused as to what to do to best digest and absorb in the most effective manner resulting in an incomplete breakdown and absorption.

Therefore, keeping the food groups to a minimum, you can assure that you are doing is what will be easiest and less taxing on your body while getting the most nourishment out of the foods you eat.

Yours in Digestion – Coach

3 Responses to “You are what you eat??”

  1. mdisbrow

    This is an interseting read, I had no idea what I had to eat this morning had an effect on the rest of my day. This will give me more tools to work with for making better choices when I go shopping. I can do some research to find what foods will make it easier on my system to digest, this will help to keep my energy level up as well. (without having to work my body as hard inside as I do outside).


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