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Funny thing happened yesterday.

A good friend Rex, let me know how much he liked the blogs, and he said that yesterdays blog “seemed as much about great advice for the audience as it does for a message to myself, (and what is going through my thought processes now)”. And Steve has also mentioned it in the past. Then… Read more »

Focusing on just…

A few things, sometimes makes the experience better. No matter what we focus on, the focus raises all of our senses to take it all in. Unlike a Buffet…You’re eating a crab leg, thinking about the pizza, and you eat the pizza thinking about the roast beef, and you eat the roast beef thinking about… Read more »

You are Royalty!

And for the the thousands that have come through my office and have taken a seat in the “Throne”, we all have pictures to prove it. So what have you done lately…to treat yourself like Royalty? Take a long nap? Take a trip? Have a Royal meal? We need to reward ourselves since we are… Read more »

What’s your “ripple effect”?

And we’re no talking the ripple effect on water…but it contains the same concept. The “ripple effect” is a term used in Sociology, and can be observed how social interactions can affect situations not directly related to the initial interaction. The “ripple effect” is basically the spread of behavior within a group. Whether the behavior… Read more »

What Matters

We have talked about and gave examples of how to get and keep “Balance” in your life. However, for many of us, the sticking point on creating “Balance” (or time for ourselves) is our belief that we will hurt others feelings as people count on us. Yes, people count on us, and it is for… Read more »

When we ask questions…

And then really listen, we can create some great relationships. We all ask people, “How are you doing”?…And we usually get a short, meaningless reply. But if we take the time to ask, “Where are you from”? Or, “Where do you live”? Or “Do you have any children, and if so, what are their names”?… Read more »

When it’s time, it’s time.

Make sure you take baby steps… “Inch by inch , it’s a cinch and yard by yard is hard”. Changing habits can be difficult, only if you let it. Just introduce or replace an old habit with a new one a little bit at a time… this will start a routine that can develop into… Read more »

Releasing weight?

I have found in coaching, that there are basically only 2 ways to do it: EAT LESS or EXERCISE MORE. In the EATING LESS category there are 3 things to investigate to see if you need to address any of the following: 1. Eating less 2. Eating better foods 3. Timing of eating Eating less… Read more »

When things get “hairy”…

Not to worry, because many times, when we think we are close to a breakdown, we are right about to experience a breakthrough. We’ve all felt it and had it happen to us, most likely, more than once. We are almost ready to throw in the towel because nothing seems to be going our way…and… Read more »

The Majority of Americans…

Work for a company. And the majority of the employees also somehow think things should run smoothly or be perfect, all of the time. But in Reality, society and companies run like anything else in this world…just like our lives, there are ups and downs, twists and turns and occasional challenges. So at our workplace,… Read more »