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Give and Get?

We have all probably heard that “We get what we give”…especially with our emotions. It’s so true….give love and love returns, give the opposite and that comes right back at us as well. When we do this, we are engaging in the “law of reciprocation”: whatever we put out, emotionally, triggers an emotional response, and… Read more »


Yes, Balance is great, but too much balance can be boring. Life has to have it’s ups and downs, just like a see-saw, otherwise our life stays motionless and flat. And if our life is flat – we have nothing to do, nothing to react or respond to – plain vanilla – no glory and… Read more »

Stretch it out…

Why not? It’s great for the body because it gets everything moving and all the channels opened up to bring good stuff in and bad stuff out! Your body runs around the clock and there is build up of normal metabolic processes that need to get moved out and the lymph system is the one… Read more »

Some things are just good enough??

Yes…for the time being… Life dictates that you can’t take everything to the “Next Level” all @ once – but that’s OK. So don’t fret over what you are going to take to the “Next Level” – later. It’s just gonna have to “hang tight” and it will rise to the top when “It” and… Read more »

The Goals we set are the Goals we get!

It’s TRUE. And goal setting is not only imagining your future and planning the steps in order to get there…You are declaring what you will get! “To plan is to predetermine a course of events”. Declaring what you want in your life is key, otherwise you “Get what you Get”. Declaring also sets up a… Read more »

If we don’t feed something…

It will wither away. That’s the case with our thoughts and habits that we don’t want. Changing our thoughts and habits from what we don’t want, and replacing them with what we do want, will be feeding what we want, and starving what we don’t want. And over time, what we don’t want, will soon… Read more »

Whether it be a group, team or family…

Keeping people going in the right direction takes constant steering but should not need rounding up again unless left unattended. So if you find yourself in a continual round up, you may want to spend less energy rounding up and more energy in attending to the process. –          Dr. Vik, The Culture King

The Big Picture

Looking at the “Big Picture” of your life…like where you have come from and more importantly, where you are going is vital. Paying attention to the Big picture not only helps you stay on track, it keeps you from focusing on the little things that can take and keep your attention off track. But, sometimes… Read more »

A shock is sometimes good for us?

You betcha…and the only reason it is a shock, is because we weren’t ready for it. When we are shocked by a situation, event or even a cold shower, it’s just because we are taken by surprise and have a hard time getting our heads, or our body around what just happened. And getting shocked… Read more »

You can never do something nice…

…and not have affect you, positively. So if you want to feel a little better, just change doing something nice for “yourself “into doing something nice for “someone else”. You’ll feel better and so will the “someone else”…you get a 2-fer…Sweet. – Dr. Vik, The Culture King