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If we really want to get something done…

All we need to do, is focus on it. We’re not just meaning giving it some occasional attention, but to make it part of most every move we make and part of our vocabulary. Just like Bubba, in the movie “Forrest Gump”. Where all he can think about is shrimp. He’s going to open a… Read more »

Mickey Kane…

Made everything look so easy! At work he seemed to flow with the flow and even bring it up a notch, at a whim. His personal life was the same too…everyone liked him and he was quite a leader. When someone finally asked him what his secret was, he revealed it was no secret at… Read more »

Always Positive?

Can’t be. We all have received some pretty hard blows in our lives, and they could of been personal, financial, physical or spiritual…it’s just part of life – things happen, and we occasionally get hurt. After a hard hit, we tend to match our emotions with our experience…it’s just part of balancing out. So when… Read more »

Let’s be Grateful…

For what we have, and for whatever comes our way. There are many who are less fortunate than us, and some work much harder…for much less. We have a place to sleep, food to eat, clothes to wear and our choice to take it from there…and for some, the rest is just a bonus, but… Read more »

What Matters

We have talked about and gave examples of how to get and keep “Balance” in your life. However, for many of us, the sticking point on creating “Balance” (or time for ourselves) is our belief that we will hurt others feelings as people count on us. Yes, people count on us, and it is for… Read more »

Follow a recipe?

Sure, if we want to make something that someone else created. But the True Masters live and breathe it…and have it all in their head. Just like all the employees at…they have all created a Vision, Purpose, Cause and Culture…that is great and getting better. Maybe that’s why they are all Masters in what… Read more »

Mindful Eating?

Yeah, I’m being mindful of what I eat and boy it’s a challenge… Congratulations to those of you who have been being more mindful of what you are eating in you daily deluge of too many choices. With the holidays coming up…it’s gonna be “game on” with the decisions to be made of what goes… Read more »

There will never be another you…

We’ve heard it before, with virtually countless generations and billions of people currently on this planet, there will never be another you. May not be a big deal at a glance, but when we really think about it, if there will never be another you, what are you doing to make your contribution to history?… Read more »

Sometimes, you just have to…

“Let it go”. When it’s in your sleep, in your dreams and in your waking hours…it hasn’t been handled. And when some things cannot be handled…it’s time to “Let it go”. If you don’t, you make it harder on yourself. – Dr. Vik, The Culture King

“Shift It”

“Shift It” Running through life at the same pace can sometimes be boring and fatiguing. I’ve taken care of ultra long distance marathon runners who run for 24 hours at a time and also those who have also qualified for the Boston Marathon. What they taught me was that when they run, they “shift” the… Read more »