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Move it, Move it.

There are times when we need to get going, especially when we face challenges. “When the coals get hot, we need to move our feet”, otherwise we get burned. And “When we are playing with Elephants, we need to move quickly, or we get stepped on”. Good things to know, because there are times when… Read more »

Haven’t made your life plans yet?

No worries. There is no late bell, or deadline. When you are ready, you are ready…keeping it as a priority in taking YOUR life to the “Next Level” will be motivator enough. Simply writing down a plan to meet a conceived deadline will produce empty results. Keep thinking, dreaming and planning and you will roll… Read more »

A Sunday Drive is nice…

But taking a Sunday Drive every day of the week will not get us too far. Balance is great, don’t get me wrong, but doing things just to be doing things, without direction, most of the time will just not help us get where we want to go. During the week, we may just want… Read more »

Your own camera?

Yes your body contains it’s own camera but unlike the digital ones you can buy in the stores, what you see may not be what you “get”. You see, our camera receives the image through the lens of our eyes yet is developed somewhere else…the brain. Once the picture is in the brain, more specifically… Read more »

Staying Hungry…

It was the title of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first movie when he was the top in his game in bodybuilding. He said that “staying hungry” was his recipe for success, for if he was full, he would be satisfied and not do more to excel. Staying hungry is also the opposite of “the fat cat syndrome”,… Read more »

Why do we have to get older??

I don’t know, but we all age… regretfully. When I first moved to Las Vegas to be with Zappos, I went to this haircut place where it’s really bright inside. When they finished, they spun me around and asked me how I liked the back….I couldn’t believe it!!! It was the first time I saw… Read more »

In business…

A common mistake that is made, is that they advertise when things are down, in an attempt to bring in more business. But in reality, when business is down, working on the structure and function of the business is what is called for, not advertising. Advertising is to be done when the business is doing… Read more »

Putting Things into Perspective

My wife went in for some testing and everything is OK, but as she was waiting apprehensively for her results, she spotted a little girl around 7 with a bald head, smiling pushing around an I.V. stand, taking a walk with her Mom. She also saw a smaller child asking a lady why she was… Read more »

In any game…

Whether it be the game of life, work or play…on paper, there can be favorites, and also a projected “Winner”. But we don’t play on paper. This is pretty cool, because when we play our game, we often times receive doubt, opposition or resistance from others – which sometimes gets in our heads. But last… Read more »

Same event, different descriptions??

Yes, research has shown time and time again that observation of the same event produces different descriptions of the event…how is that so?? It is because observations are made by people and people view things differently…why?…because they “flavor” the event on how they think or were thinking at the time of the event, making the… Read more »