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Gravity can’t hold down our dreams…

Either can life. Dreams are ours and no one else’s…and are part of the virtually world in make up and not part of the physical world, therefore dreams cannot be altered, changed or canceled by anyone or anything but us. So who is standing in the way of our dreams? – Dr. Vik, The Culture… Read more »

As We Grow Older…

We inevitably lose our shape and looks, but we still can hang on to our “bragging rights”! And ‘bragging rights” come from our experiences where we have taken things to the “Next Level”. So what we have done or are currently doing that can “brag on” is key. In our understanding that mediocrity doesn’t have… Read more »

It all starts at home…

Meaning it all starts with YOU. How you feel about yourself “flavors” everything in your life. We’ve gone over how doing something good for yourself at the start of the day sets a good tone for the rest of the day. It’s because you’ve done something good for yourself and it makes you feel good… Read more »

Is your “Deal” just the way you want it??

If so, fantastic…just keep making the right choices and attitude that has been supporting and creating your “Deal” just the way you want it. And if not, whether it be your situation, physical body, or your mental state…you have the ability to get it back on track, if you just think about how it all… Read more »

Everything that is not seen…

Doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. It’s easy to understand that all things we can touch or can be seen, has a value. But what about the things we can’t see? Radio waves, sound waves, microwaves and light, for example, cannot be “touched” or “seen” …but can be quantified by the results they produce. The same… Read more »

People’s decisions are based on…

Their beliefs. Therefore, since what we believe, is a base for our decisions, we can understand that our decisions create our actions, and our actions create our future. So what are our beliefs about our future? Our we believing our lives and future is not that good, or great? Do we believe we are not… Read more »

A recipient is a…

Person that receives something. And we are all recipients, every day, in every way. We receive weather, conversation, traffic, work, unpleasant people, pleasant people, information, phone calls etc – we are recipients on a consistent basis. Why is it that some of the stuff we receive, can take over our emotions, and affect our actions?… Read more »

Colonel Harlan Sanders

Father died when he was 6. Dropped out in Seventh grade. He worked many jobs, including a steamboat captain, insurance salesman, railroad fireman, farmer and an Army private. At age 40, he started cooking chicken, and other dishes to his customers at his Gas Station. Interstate 75 was put up in front of his then… Read more »

Are you an Artist?

Maybe…maybe not. Either way, you are the one who paints the picture of yourself, not someone else. And I don’t believe we should paint a small picture of ourselves…why should we? Reality dictates we can become as big as our dreams, so paint BIG. – Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Who are you??

Who are you?? There is no one that labels you, as what or who you are, except yourself. – Dr. Vik, The Culture King