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What’s your Fun Day?

Not that we can’t have fun everyday…but what is the day you designate specifically for fun? We pick Saturday – It’s our day when nothing has to be done, but countless things could be. Waking up with the day planned for fun, or open for fun, is a pretty exciting day to have within your… Read more »

Being a “Winner”…

I have talked about being a “Winner” in my workshops and my coaching. It is meant to be used for Positive Self Talk (PST). By guiding your PST, you can raise the level of not only your self talk but raise your self esteem as well. These are the 2 out of the 3 building… Read more »

Start Fresh…

It’s never too late. Occasionally we come to a point where we are not satisfied by our past accomplishments or what we have done with our lives. This is the time to take a big look at where we have come from and where we want to go and not be overly concerned with our… Read more »

Yes, thoughts do drive…

Your Emotions, your Feelings, not to mention your Choices and Health – (you know…that psychosomatic thing). Pretty all encompassing when you “think” about it. The Big Challenge but the Perfect Part as well, is that what ever is rattling around between our ears…We either Control or Allow! …. Sweet – So let your thoughts rattle,… Read more »

Write it down?

Yes, a short pencil is better than a long memory. Whatever we feel is important enough to do, is also important enough to write down. Many of us, including myself, go about our day to day, forgetting to write down the things we need to handle.  And often times, we end up not doing what… Read more »

100 Calories a day…

Over the course of a year, is either 10 pounds gained or lost…depending if 100 calories a day is added, or subtracted from our normal diet. Doesn’t seem like a lot of calories…but over time, things do add up. Simply being mindful of the little extra that needs to be done, for whatever result we… Read more »

What’s your cause?

A “cause” is why you do what you do, and can be used for keeping focus as time marches on. It can also be a motivator, a reason and even a defining statement of what you’re about. Southwest Airlines is about the freedom to fly and connect with loved ones through the much lower fares… Read more »

Ever make a financial blunder?

We all have, and if life gave us do-overs, it would be great, but that’s not how life works. Losing money is never easy because making it can sometimes be difficult, and making up for lost money can mean working double time or maybe just smarter. But understanding our mistakes and poor choices when it… Read more »

When you write it down…

I have had many employees come to me with unbridled excitement concerning their last years goals. The overwhelming reason for their excitement was the fact that when they went back and looked at what they choose as their goals for last year…they all actually came true and many exceeded their goals!! This is because when… Read more »

We are all different…

…and that’s the great thing about it. If we were all the same, there would be nothing to talk about. So we must embrace the differences in all, but occasionally we run into that person who is passive-aggressive, scheming, or just outright not the best person to deal with. When that happens, resist the urge… Read more »