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Regular Day???

Why??……Why does it have to be a regular day??? Truth be told , it doesn’t! Some days you can just limp through, and that’s OK form time to time, but YOU are the one standing between a regular day and a Special Day. How??…YOUR ATTITUDE & YOUR CHOICE… Why not dress up a little or… Read more »

The Power of One…

“One” can be a numeral or an individual…The numeral “1? is the smallest positive whole number yet it can have remarkable results and turn the ordinary into extra ordinary. It can be that “One” tenth of a second in a foot race or the “One” less stroke in a golf match or that “One” hundredth… Read more »


I’ve been told.. …that the priority for parenting is creating memories for your kids…pretty good idea. I’ve always said, My job is not to be a good parent, but to raise a good child. In either case, once you have children, you no longer work for yourself. – Dr. Vik, The Culture King


Started to write a piece about conscience this morning when my 8 year old boy Sam walked in. He asked what I was doing, and I told him…and he said “Oh Dad I know about that”! I scrapped mine…here’s his: Conscience is where you have this white thing with a face on this shoulder and… Read more »

The Past…

The Past is something that has happened and not a destination….so it’s better that we don’t go there and more importantly – don’t live there. – Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Don’t adorn your Hero…

Be the Hero. When we grew up, we all had Hero’s in our lives that we looked up to and adorned. Whether they were a cartoon Hero, a Hero on TV or in the movies, or just someone in real life that we looked up to – we all had our Hero’s. But as in… Read more »

Some People Would Complain…

…If they won the Lotto. That’s the truth… but what about the way WE think at times. Focusing, negatively, on the little menial things that don’t really have a lot to do with our overall journey with success in our life. What he or she said about us, the weather, the traffic or you simply… Read more »

Take the Time?

Whatever we’ve planned, mapped out or look forward to, we need to remember to take the time, to take it all in. The journey is usually 95% of the trip, so why spend and the enjoying for the end? Whether we have a family, or a business that we are tending to, as it grows,… Read more »