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Overcoming Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a demineralization of the bone, mostly with respect to calcium. It results in less bone density and makes one susceptible to fracture. Many people can over come this by understanding it’s cause. Wolff’s Law is explained as “bone will remodel itself over time to become stronger in response to the stresses put upon… Read more »

It’s not always what we get…

It’s what we make out of what we got. Ever know someone that seems to have it all. and does nothing with it, and continues to look elsewhere?…and it may even be you? Well, many people do wonders with what they already have, and make what they have into a Masterpiece. We’re not saying stop… Read more »

Silence is sometimes, the best…

Answer. In this fast paced world, we often seem to react to this and respond to that, and don’t really take the time to think about, and digest what we are reacting or responding to. By remaining silent, until we fully understand…will allow us in making the better choice in our eventual response. This can… Read more »

Same event, different descriptions??

Yes, research has shown time and time again that observation of the same event produces different descriptions of the event…how is that so?? It is because observations are made by people and people view things differently…why?…because they “flavor” the event on how they think or were thinking at the time of the event, making the… Read more »

If things don’t always go…

The way we hoped they would or the way we planned, we just need to keep at it. We often underestimate the time frame in the way things should turn out, and many times it’s just that we have an overly optimistic view, or that life has thrown us a curve ball that we didn’t… Read more »

Success is knowing the difference…

Success is knowing the difference… Between cornering people and getting them in your corner. We all know people and even businesses that corner people…all we want is “out”! any chance of long term success for the ones that corner…will be clipped short. And since that is true, why is it, that they don’t know the… Read more »

Haven’t made your life plans yet?

No worries. There is no late bell, or deadline. When you are ready, you are ready…keeping it as a priority in taking YOUR life to the “Next Level” will be motivator enough. Simply writing down a plan to meet a conceived deadline will produce empty results. Keep thinking, dreaming and planning and you will roll… Read more »