Looking at a…

Blank, Full Year Calender, with all 12 months in view, we can see the entire year empty.

And in viewing the New Year as a “Clean Slate“, it can conjure up all sorts of scenarios and possibilities that we have the opportunity to fill in.

What are we going to do to make this the best year of our lives?

It’s so cool…that we can really create the New Year the way we want to…as the only thing that can stop us is our dreams and ourselves.

And this year, when the months are through, mark them off with a big “X”, and by doing so, we get a reality check…because with an “X”, the once “clean slate” is gone forever, and can never come back…so it’s up to us not to waste what was given to us, from the start, without restrictions.

Yours in “What will YOU Create”? – Coach

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