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A positive routine is what we all attempt to have in our lives. First comes habit, then pattern and finally routine. So if you need to change your routine to better your life and the lives around you, start with changing or starting a new habit…and the 30 day goal is what works the best…. Read more »


To have your dreams come true… it boils down to the help of others. Have you been helping others so that you own dreams come true? – Dr. Vik, The Culture King

What’s you’re Plan?

Writing, posting or displaying affirmations will be a great reminder on what your plan is. What helped me long ago, when I used to eat until I was stuffed was “Just like the ships that go out to sea, I push my plate away from me”. Yeah, corny, but it worked. Other examples are: “I… Read more »

There is only one color red…

But a world of different shades. The same goes with the people in our lives – they may be limited in number, and we see them as one “color”, but what are the different “shades” that make them up? What are their dreams? What’s their favorite movie or book and why? If they could do… Read more »


Light stress or stress in short duration can actually be good for us, as our body has the ability to “recover” and become stronger. But continued stress, with out relief, can breakdown even the strongest. There are a lot of things in life you may need to stress about but there are so many more… Read more »

Is your glass 1/2 full…

Or 1/2 empty? It’s really the same thing, but it’s the way we look at it, that makes the difference. The same goes with our lives. We can see the positive or see the negative and view our lives as 1/2 full or 1/2 empty even though it is the same thing. And in looking… Read more »

I don’t need you cause I “Gotcha”

You know, the friends and family that you really don’t “need”, because you “got them”. You can see them or call them every six months and it seems like there is no time in between, and you just pick up where you left off, nothing “needy” about it. That’s a true friend. –          Dr. Vik,… Read more »

We have all probably heard…

That when Fear knocked on the door, Faith answered, and no one was there. It’s so true…Faith can always handle Fear, when we take baby steps towards our goal. We have all felt fearful when we first think of how we can take our lives to the “Next Level”. We see the obstacles, detours and… Read more »

Every Journey…

Has to start somewhere. Whether the journey it is a camping trip, expedition, or our life. Planning our journey, for whatever we have chosen, starts with us, and has no bearing of where we were before, in the past, with the exception of experience and what we have already learned which can help to guide… Read more »


Sometimes it’s hard to begin a positive change or turn your life around for the better. But in coaching, I have found that just doing ONE POSITIVE THING, at the start of your day, can start the ball rolling in the right direction. Doing ONE POSITIVE THING daily will help you reinforce your thoughts and… Read more »