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Mindful Eating?

Yeah, I’m being mindful of what I eat and boy it’s a challenge… Congratulations to those of you who have been being more mindful of what you are eating in you daily deluge of too many choices. With the holidays coming up…it’s gonna be “game on” with the decisions to be made of what goes… Read more »

There will never be another you…

We’ve heard it before, with virtually countless generations and billions of people currently on this planet, there will never be another you. May not be a big deal at a glance, but when we really think about it, if there will never be another you, what are you doing to make your contribution to history?… Read more »

Sometimes, you just have to…

“Let it go”. When it’s in your sleep, in your dreams and in your waking hours…it hasn’t been handled. And when some things cannot be handled…it’s time to “Let it go”. If you don’t, you make it harder on yourself. – Dr. Vik, The Culture King

“Shift It”

“Shift It” Running through life at the same pace can sometimes be boring and fatiguing. I’ve taken care of ultra long distance marathon runners who run for 24 hours at a time and also those who have also qualified for the Boston Marathon. What they taught me was that when they run, they “shift” the… Read more »

No Regrets, Only Lessons…

We are not born with experience, it is created by living our lives and shaped by our choices. We sometimes make poor choices and can either learn a lesson or have regrets. By having regrets, we spend our present and future strolling down “Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda Street” which serves no purpose. Finding lessons from our… Read more »

Look at the “Whole Picture”

Many times we tend to focus on the situation or person without regard to the whole picture. I even catch myself at times…as well as people I coach. One of the main topics I come in contact with are challenges with family members. For instance, the parents get all lathered up because their teenager is… Read more »

The Greatest Joy of Living…

Is the Joy that comes from Giving. Sounds “corny” but it is true. Thinking back, we may first think that our greatest Joy has been when we have really excelled and taken things to the “Next Level” but when we really dig deep, it was the times when we saw another’s face when we gave… Read more »

Not Enough Time??

Sometimes it may seem that way, but there really is enough time. You really choose all the things that take your attention and time. Therefore, you have the premiere ability to prioritize what really does warrant your attention and time. What YOU choose will have a direct relationship of the qualitiy of YOUR life. –         … Read more »

Some of us run away from…

Success and some of us Run away from Failure. In either case, we are running away from something which puts us in the position of reacting, and not in control. Why not Run towards something…then we are responding and it allows us to be the one in control. – Dr. Vik, The Culture King

It’s our choice.

We can choose to view our lives and everything in it either positively or negatively. We can choose to focus on the good in people or pick on their lack or what we believe they should do. Yes, it is our choice to choose our attitudes and perceptions regarding everything in our lives, and we… Read more »