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On average, adults need about…

2000 calories a day, and it’s because we, on the average “burn” about 2000 calories a day. Different activities require more fuel, the more strenuous – the more fuel, and less strenuous means less fuel needed – it’s a good rule of thumb. Sitting quietly, “burns” 84 calories per hour, while walking “burns” 252. So… Read more »

The one thing we can give…

And still keep, is our word. Pretty Cool, eh? People “buy” relationships, and the one investment that is most highly prized is trust. Coming through on our word, and always being able to back our commitments is not only something people can depend on, it can help be a safe haven for many, in this… Read more »

Are you a Dollar doing a Nickel Job??

That saying can take many meanings, but the one that can cover all bases is when you take a look at what you do in your life, are you doing it up to your potential? Some people are OK being a dollar doing a nickel job because they can’t fail. They do just enough to… Read more »

If you think you have…

A wonderful life…You will continue to have a wonderful life, for all that comes into your life that is not wonderful, you quickly discard, as it is not part of your reality. WOW, how sweet is that?? – Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Everybody’s “Picture” is Different

It’s called Perception. We all see different things…looking at the same thing. There have been studies that prove this concept, by having people describing what they saw…and the explanations and definitions, all differed. Being aware of this, and knowing that others will, most always, have a different point of view or perception than yours, is… Read more »

Whatever we…

Put up with…we get. It would nice if it were different, but it’s not. Is there anything we have been putting up with that we don’t necessarily want? If the answer is yes, there is no better way to stop getting what we’re getting, than to stop putting up with it. It’s not up to… Read more »

The “Next Level”

Recently, people have been coming to me and have displayed reservations on taking their lives to the “Next Level” with respect to their employment. Maybe it’s the year end reflection, or maybe it’s knowing that the new year is coming up. I haven’t quite figured it out, but it’s definitely a surge in my coaching… Read more »

We are Thankful…

For our part in paying the rent, it keeps a roof over our heads and keeps us dry. For our utility bills, it will help keep us warm with heating and water. For the low gasoline prices, it let’s us have more money for what we want, instead of what we need. For our tight… Read more »

Trademark of great Leaders?

They make Decisions. Much thought is put in the process before decisions are made, and they sift through their choices to see what best fits, and is in alignment with the desired results. Once well thought out…there is little second guessing, and a commitment follows. This allows them to move forward – not standing still… Read more »