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Challenge Sleeping? “Cool your Jets”!

Since your body temperature drops to it’s lowest while you sleep, doing what you can to help it out will increase your chances of falling asleep and remaining there. Research is divided whether the drop in body tempurature is the reason you go to sleep or a by product of minimizing movement, in either case,… Read more »

We can’t put…

“What we get out of it”, before we give “What we put into it”. It’s the “Pay it Forward” kind of deal. Seems as though we are living in the days of immediate gratification, and many seem to focus on what they get out of something without putting anything into it. It’s just not the… Read more »

Be Yourself…

And if you think you’re not as good as you can be, you can be someone else! Were not talking about being another person, but being the person you can be. Often times, we have a hard time being ourselves, because we are not too happy or content, with who we are. But that doesn’t… Read more »

In tough situations…

It’s still our choice on how we respond or react, even when we are faced with the super tough situations – concerning lying and cheating. We need to keep to our own game as attempting to get even, in the same manner, will cause more damage. Just understand that the one who has lied or… Read more »

There are a million…

Things that can annoy, worry or irritate us – don’t let them. It sure is easy to allow those negative things take over our emotions. So why not…Let the million things…that can bring us joy, happiness and love in. It’s Most likely the better choice. – Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Vacation or a Trip??

A vacation is taken alone or with your partner…and a trip is with other people or with your kids. Knowing the difference can help you balance. – Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Ligaments and Tendons…

Hold bones together, and muscles to the bones, and in both cases, it’s best if nothing snaps. So when you want to take your body through a little workout, we need to make sure the ligaments and tendons can take the stresses and strains of what you are about to give them. Think of ligaments… Read more »

Fix it…

Or Patch it? Some things work out great with either…but usually depends upon timing. Occasionally we need a quick patch to keep us going, for a short bit, because stopping to fix it may take us out of the game and could bring about some unwanted results. And other times, a patch just won’t let… Read more »

“Set the Tone”

What happens in the first hour of your day usually sets the tone for the rest of the day to follow…either positive or negative. What has been proven most useful to get the best out of each day is to be proactive and “Set Your Own Tone” for the day. What is needed to “Set… Read more »

Who’s your Coach?

Many have asked me “Who is your Coach”? Which is a great question. I have had many coaches in my life and now my coaching lies with some of my past coaches and mentors along with my family and some close friends. We all need someone in our lives that we can rely on to… Read more »