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My Metabolism has Gone Down…

Is that your excuse?? I hear it everyday…, “My metabolism has gone down, I can’t eat like I used to, I don’t have time to exercise like I used to….” Great excuses, and that’s what they are. Yes, your metabolism does go down with age but not as much as you would like to think…. Read more »


Yes, we all can be…but the common thread in boredom is that we don’t really have something to look forward to or get excited about. Many of us, go day to day and month to month doing the same thing, work, eat, sleep and handling challenges, and after a while, there seems to be no… Read more »


Comes with perseverance over time, but sometimes not within the time frame we would like. Research shows that an “Overnight Success” on average, takes 20 years. So don’t give up on your path of success, because you never know when it’s about to bloom. – Dr. Vik, The Culture King

It’s difficult to Achieve…

Today’s goals, starting with yesterday’s tasks. Procrastination is usually the culprit, as it piles things up for the future, that were supposed to be done in the past. So do things as you think of them, as thinking about it is the hardest part, to free up your future AND your mind to create the… Read more »

Maybe Burger King has it right?

“Have it your way” is a pretty good credo. And why not “Have it our way”? Take your life to the “Next Level” – good – “Have it your way”. Just declare the way you want it and take the steps to get it. Want a better body?… perfect, just make a plan and follow… Read more »

We perceive what we believe

Kind of simple but accurate. If we believe it’s going to be a bad day, that’s what we perceive throughout the day…bad stuff. Conversely, if we think the day is going to be great, that’s also what we perceive…great things. By perceiving things in alignment with our beliefs, we are satisfying what we believe and… Read more »

Saving Money??

People try to save what’s “left over” but as you know , in reality, there is NOTHING EVER “left over”. So paying yourself first is key. About 25% of the people I coach have opened up a 10% savings account, putting 10% of every check they receive into savings, or paying themselves first, if you… Read more »

Talent or Skill…

We are all great at something…and you probably know what that something is in you. Are you keeping your talent or skill a secret? Others would love what you have to share. – Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Take the Time…

To smell the roses, they say. In life, we often focus on what we are doing or the task at hand, and occasionally stop and look around but rarely do we see. The things that we take for granted are the very things we like otherwise they wouldn’t be around us. Understanding that we have… Read more »

The Most Seasoned…

Professionals have one thing in common…they can handle adversity in stride. The True Professional can take anything which comes into their work or personal lives, that may distract them from their plans, and quickly go to plan “B” while working on a Solution instead of grinding to a standstill. It takes a little multi-tasking, but… Read more »