My 15 year old daughter is a super bright individual, who gets great grades, plays sports and does cheer, but has a pretty good dose of “being 15 syndrome” – that being… the parents, and most others, have no idea about things and sporting a bad attitude is part of the deal.

But last Thursday night, she came down to talk to my wife and I about her “new revelation”!
She started by saying…”You know, like, when I get up in the morning – I hate it, and like, I tell myself I hate getting up and hate going to school and doing my homework – you know”?

Here’s the surprise: She then said that she finally realized that she does have to get up and go to school and do her homework, so she now says to herself upon awakening, “Wow, what is going to be great about this day…and who will I meet and what will I be able to learn and have fun doing”.

She was so excited that she found out that when she changed her mind, her world changed and her day turns out positive instead of it all being a drag.

I said “Fantastic Sweetie, you have finally understood what I’ve been doing and telling people about for years”! She replied “Huh?…I thought you just coached”?

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King