“What’s in your……Colon?”

I can never forget….

In my college studies, we had Lab classes for all the “-ology” classes, you know, biology, neurology, angiology, etc., where we worked on cadavers for 2 years to better understand inside the human body and its functions.

The Lab class for Splanchnology (study of the organs) was one that has never left me. Our studies went from the path of what goes in to what comes out …with regard to the organs, anatomy and function of everything in between.

Near the end of our study and nearing the end of our path we came to the colon, ascending, transverse, descending, sigmoid…the works. The colon’s main duty is the absorption of water and the formation and elimination of waste. A normal anatomical cross section is likened to a thick walled durable balloon. Normally….

But one of them I was studying was NOT normal…in an individual that looked to have deceased before their time. We had to dissect the colon. Upon cutting a cross section, the “outside” looked normal yet the inside was solid and about the size of a cross section of bologna with the exception of the lumen or the hole running through the middle, the size of your baby finger.

The colon was “impacted” with waste, at least an inch all the way around with the passage for elimination only a small hole in the middle.

Did this person eliminate properly? Probably not. Did this person re-absorb water in the colon? Probably not. Was this person eliminating waste and toxins and feeling great and energetic. Probably not. Could the impacted colon been have been avoided? Probably.

The very things that impacted the colon was the very same things that were eaten. Refined, pasteurized, homogenized, hydrolyzed, you name it…not a drop of fiber or roughage to clean the colon as it passed through. A slow toxic unhealthy journey that could have been prevented.

So if you think the things you eat don’t add up (or pile up…or clog) think again.

It’s your job to keep it good under the hood….

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

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