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Back in the day…

A king would rather be feared than liked. That was because he had a captive audience. But today, a King would rather be liked than feared. This is because his audience has choices. You are Royalty…are you keeping up with the changing times? Yours in “Times Change” – Coach

When is the right time?

When we have the mindset that the time for everything is Now, we can get anything done. Putting things off to tomorrow, will not get it done today. What we don’t do today, will be coupled with the things we should get done tomorrow. And over time, we will have yesterdays tasks, and today’s jobs… Read more »


Sure, we all have been distracted before. But, occasionally our focus stays on the distraction long after the distraction is gone. Someone cuts you off in traffic, or is rude in the grocery store…each scenario is short, and they are in and out of our lives in less than 5 minutes. So why do they… Read more »

In Goal Setting…

We must be mindful of the biggest thing that thwarts the completion of any goal: When the pain of achieving our goal, becomes larger than… The pain of the results we want. That’s why it is so important to create baby steps in our goal setting process. By doing this, any pain that my come… Read more »

We can’t do better…

Than our self image…It would be nice, but it just doesn’t happen that way. Our self image governs what we do, and if we attempt to do something that is better than we think we are, we subconsciously know it is better, and we will do everything in our power to bring it back down… Read more »

The one thing we can give…

And still keep, is our word. Pretty Cool, eh? People “buy” relationships, and the one investment that is most highly prized is trust. Coming through on our word, and always being able to back our commitments is not only something people can depend on, it can help be a safe haven for many, in this… Read more »

“How” to Balance

I’ve received a lot of feedback on the “Balance” blog from yesterday and most of it was coming from people having a hard time letting go of work once they are at home. It’s a common challenge, but what works and has worked with the people I’ve coached is a couple of things: 1. Make… Read more »

Experiences have…

A lot to teach, and that is why we should take the good and the bad with a learning approach. We don’t always get things right the first time, that lesson started for all of us when we learned to walk. And experience comes over time…”we can’t put an old head on new shoulders”. Remember… Read more »

Possible or Plausible?

Could be both! Possible, objectively means to be capable of occurring. Whereas Plausible, subjectively means believable and worthy of confidence or trust, which is derived from YOU and your beliefs. Most all things are Possible, yet your belief of it being Plausible, is what gets it done. Yours in Making things Possible – Coach

The older the berry…

The sweeter the juice. Yes, since things mature over time and with age, they can be harvested to bring out the maximum desired results. But in today’s society, the “McDonald’s” factor of wanting it now and demanding a forced result before it’s ready, often times, makes us “pick it” before it’s ripe. We must be… Read more »