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Seeing the whole…

Picture of what is going on is paramount for us to figure out what to do, and who’s advice to take. When we look at only a snippet of what actually is going on, we can really get jipped by taking action or taking advice without seeing the “whole enchilada”. So let’s all take a… Read more »

Are You in Control?

Yes, you are in Control! In the fast paced world we live in it often times seems as though we are not in control of our lives and we are consistently being ordered to do this or do that by our jobs, our relationships and our commitments. The truth is that we have chosen all… Read more »

What’s your Fun Day?

Not that we can’t have fun everyday…but what is the day you designate specifically for fun? We pick Saturday – It’s our day when nothing has to be done, but countless things could be. Waking up with the day planned for fun, or open for fun, is a pretty exciting day to have within your… Read more »

If most every day…

Is a busy day – you have done a great job…it’s better than being bored. Pressure is a Privilege, and allows us to grow. Pressure from exercise makes our muscles grow stronger. Pressure from obstacles makes us think harder, on how to get around it. Without pressure we become weak and lazy…so embrace your busy… Read more »

We all make choices…

Everyday, which effects us everyday. But sometimes the “Big” choices come up and we don’t always know if we are making the right decision. Well, nothing can guarantee that we are making the right choices, but there are some safeguards the we can be mindful of when the “Big” choices come up, and they are:… Read more »

This may not be…

The way some exactly look at challenges, but let’s take a look: Challenges lead to Opportunities, Opportunities lead to Solutions, Solutions lead to Success, Success leads to Empowerment, Money and Freedom. Again, it may not be how some look at Challenges, but it’s better than… “Challenges are problems and I don’t like them”. Yours in… Read more »

For some reason, Jim Biggs,

Just knew he was going to have a bad time at his favorite restaurant…sure enough, he was right. They were playing the music he didn’t like, the table was dirty, the service was terrible, and the food didn’t taste as good as usual. For some reason, a couple weeks later, he wanted to go back…he… Read more »

Remember when your parents…

And teachers used to gain a little control by letting you know that you have to behave…even when they are not looking at you, because they say they have eyes in the back of their head? Well, we know that’s not the case, because we were not born with eyes in the back of our… Read more »

Success starts…

When responsibility begins. Successful people know that they are in control of everything in their lives and that their thoughts, decisions and actions are what makes their world unfold…and that they are in control. Whereas others that do not take responsibility, believe that the stuff in their lives is not there because of them, and… Read more »

Are you a Nervous wreck?

Well, sometimes we can get that way, but it is our choice to stay there. Staying a nervous wreck has no inherent qualities to create success in our lives, therefore we must fully understand that we must change our thoughts to what will help us out, instead of helping to destroy us. Your Life and… Read more »