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Quick Fix??

A quick fix is the easy route but may not solve the problem. Whether it be be mechanical, personal or in business…you may just be wanting to fix it “now” and even occasionally be tempted to bring out the duct tape…but most problems or “challenges” as we like to call them, need time. When it… Read more »

Ah, The balance of Nature.

Everything in nature tends to balance things out and the includes our lives! We probably wish it wasn’t so, but when we really think about it, we never really go up or down for an extended period of time. And thinking back – we all have probably failed just as many times as we have… Read more »

Some say it is…

Fate, that decides who walks into our lives. That may be true, but what we focus our thoughts upon, also allows the same to come into view. So we can guide which kind of fate comes into our lives, by the way we think. But for those who walk into our lives, it is solely… Read more »

Eat what tastes good or eat what is good for us??

That is the question… Maybe this year we may want to re-introduce the foods that we used to eat, the way we used to eat them 100 years ago and before?? Many “foods” now are processed and have a shelf life measured in the decades, which does nothing for us except slow us down, pack… Read more »

A Grand Idea…

Also needs a Grand Plan! Otherwise, your Grand Idea, just stays an idea. We can write our Grand Ideas down on 3 by 5 cards and maybe pin them to a wall…then when we get the urge to move it out of an idea stage, write actions steps on 3 by 5 cards and pin… Read more »

All parents know…

Not to give the kids sugar before bedtime. Because kids show the direct relationship with sugary foods – they start bouncing off the walls. It’s a normal response to a sharp increase in blood sugar and it’s also the bodies innate response to burn off the sugar, along with some extra insulin to store the… Read more »

What we say “Yes” to…

Will determine our lives…and what we say “No” to, can have the same impact. The great thing about what we say “Yes” and “No” to, is that it is all our choice. Being careful and mindful of when we use these words will help us keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out…. Read more »

When you write it down…

I have had many employees come to me with unbridled excitement concerning their last years goals. The overwhelming reason for their excitement was the fact that when they went back and looked at what they choose as their goals for last year…they all actually came true and many exceeded their goals!! This is because when… Read more »

A negative mind…

will never lead to a positive life. It’s just because if our dominant thoughts are negative and we seem to seek out that which is alignment with our dominant thoughts. Pretty simple – if we are thinking negatively, we seek that which is negative to support and satisfy our reality…of our dominant thoughts. So we… Read more »

Haven’t made your life plans yet?

No worries. There is no late bell, or deadline. When you are ready, you are ready…keeping it as a priority in taking YOUR life to the “Next Level” will be motivator enough. Simply writing down a plan to meet a conceived deadline will produce empty results. Keep thinking, dreaming and planning and you will roll… Read more »