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Let it Rip??

Sometimes you just got to…To stray untethered or to be totally free is a great balancing tool! Yes, we need to produce and focus on the very things that help us take our lives to the next level, but just as important, we occasionally need to take the ‘Collar” off. So when it comes to… Read more »

Many of us…

Are in an experience or a moment and we spoil it, by reaching or wanting for the the next experience or moment. That is because when we are physically in the present…sometimes our minds are not. Understanding that when we look back at our lives, it is the experiences and moments that make up our… Read more »

Own It.

We all make mistakes, and when we “Own it”, we can make amends and move on. Most of us were taught this from childhood, yet some of us haven’t learned it. Starting in school, teachers never really bought that our dog ate our homework, and that a note from our parents was the only thing… Read more »

What’s your Fun Day?

Not that we can’t have fun everyday…but what is the day you designate specifically for fun? We pick Saturday – It’s our day when nothing has to be done, but countless things could be. Waking up with the day planned for fun, or open for fun, is a pretty exciting day to have within your… Read more »

We can all talk about…

What it’s about, but it’s about – that’s it. We can also say, “it is what it is”…or “it just is”, and it won’t change one iota. So in understanding that talking about, what it’s about, won’t change a thing – maybe we could talk about what it’s going to be, or could be. Not… Read more »

Seeds of Greatness…

Are in every one of us, and it is up to US to make sure they are nourished in order for them to take root and grow. Just like anything that needs care, we are talking about consistency, and not just a once in a while thing. So what are you doing consistently, to allow… Read more »

People, including…

Ourselves, like “Certainty”. “I don’t know, what do yo want for dinner”? I don’t know, what do you want to do”? I don’t know, where do you want to go”? Sometimes…”Just pick it”. Were not saying that we should all be dictators, but coming up with a decieion is the right way to go…even if… Read more »

Who are you??

Who are you?? There is no one that labels you, as what or who you are, except yourself. – Dr. Vik, The Culture King

When do you charge…

Your batteries? They need to be charged, otherwise we end up like a toy with the batteries drained and only do some of what we are meant to do – or at least, do it more slowly. Is it on our time off, or our weekends when we really have the time to slow down… Read more »