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When we rationalize…

We are just kidding ourselves. Things are all simple, cut and dry, yes or no. Sure there can be occasional factors that need to be considered…but they shouldn’t be considered most of the time. When we rationalize we only moving things into our favor, and not truly playing them as they are. Let’s not mince… Read more »

Your Crowning Jewel?

We all are kind of good at some things and even better at others. Whether it be because of a gift or talent that we were born with, or maybe a skill that we have learned or simply something that we love to do. Let’s stop and think to figure out what we are tops… Read more »

Having a hard time getting…

Out of bed? Most likely, it’s starting from us having a hard time getting out of our heads. Thinking negatively, and not taking the opportunity to “seize the day”, and finding something to get excited about…starts us off in a funk and usually keeps us there. Why is it a shame? Because it is 100%… Read more »

Where does my dough go??

On average, the people I have worked with have around 60% of their income go towards “fixed” expenses +-. The “rest” goes towards the personal choices of the individual… So first thing first…Make a list of where the “rest” goes and and maybe you can change where the “rest” goes?? – Dr. Vik, The Culture… Read more »

Structure Dictates Function

At times many of us feel that our lives are not the way we want them to be. Too much of this or too much of that. But remember, we receive what we allow. So, if this has anything to do with your life, consider structuring it differently, after all, YOU are in control. With… Read more »

It’s not good looks…

Money or youth that is the key to happiness, research tells us that, and so does looking around and seeing for ourselves. Some of the most miserable people are the rich and good looking that have their youth. But what does bring us happiness, is when we are working our plan to better oursleves and to help… Read more »

How would it be…

To have someone say “It sure must be pretty cool being you”? Sweet, eh? Well, people notice, not what you do, but how you do it. Whether you drive a bus, teach, or sweep the streets – it’s not what you do, but how you do it…that makes the difference. Do we do what we… Read more »

Peoples decisions are based on…

Their beliefs. Since what we believe, is a base for our decisions, we can understand that our decisions create our actions, and our actions create our future. So what are our beliefs about our lives and our future? Our we believing our lives and future is not that good, or great? Do we believe we… Read more »

The Paradox of Letting Go…

By yielding, I endure. The empty space is filled. When I give of myself, I become more. When I feel most destroyed, I am about to grow. When I desire nothing, a great deal comes to me. From the “Tao Of Leadership” Yours in “Letting Go” – Coach

Who’s Life is it, anyways?

Do you sometimes get the feeling you are not in control? Are you doing things you have always done, that you don’t like…or don’t want to do? Well, it’s time for you to take control and do things your way. For me…I now cut the crust off my bread…never liked crust, but always ate it… Read more »