Not all of the…

Cool things in life cost a bunch of dough, when it comes to our house.

But sometimes we wait forever until we replace some items we use as much as we drive to the store.

I’ve been using an old crusty can opener for some 20 years, until my wife bought a new one with rubber handles…I couldn’t believe how effortlessly it worked – it was a dream come true for $3.79.

I used to use an old metal jet nozzle, you know, the kind that you squeeze the handle to control the flow. It was a bit rusty and the handle was hard to squeeze – not to mention, every time I used it, the water squirted all over my shirt, drenching me with every use.

Then I saw a new one in the hardware store and bought it – $ 4.99, and works like a gem – what was I waiting for?? And I even stay dry now, when I use it?

Yours in “Let’s not Jip Ourselves” – Coach