Are you…

“Dolling up” today?

Sometimes it’s easy on those cold rainy days, just to bundle up, throw on a hat and call it a day…sometimes we need those days, and sometimes we don’t.

Occasionally, when it’s gloomy outside, it pays pretty good dividends to wake up, do a little exercise and hit the shower to start the day off with a bang!

By doing so, we change our thoughts from “gloomy” to “sunny” just by our actions, after waking up.

Yes, Spin it and Win it upon awakening, and when you go outside, don’t forget to put the “gloss” on!

Yours in “Thought” – Coach

A big question that is often asked is…

How do I get motivated?

Great question…we can either use the “Carrot or the Stick”…you know, in getting a donkey to do something…use the carrot in the front, or the stick from behind – all to get the donkey moving forward…
We can so the same with ourselves – whatever works.

In using a “Carrot” in helping us to move forward, we can take things that we perceive is better than we currently are, or have, and use them as inspiration, for what we want to have, or become.

Or we can also use the “Stick” to help us move forward, by taking things which we perceive as being worse than we are, or have, and use them for motivation.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

One word that…

Seems to say it all, is the word “Stellar”

If someone said us that we have done a “stellar job or performance”…we would know exactly what they mean.

So let’s put our best efforts in the things that matter most, to make them Stellar.

And when we see someone else that has achieved such acclaim, Let’s not forget to let them know it was “Stellar”, too.

Yours in “The Best” – Coach

Many of us have our time off…

Where we can cut loose or just relax.
And that’s great – we all need to balance out.

But does our time off also contain “quality” time?

We can all work and relax, but that only takes in consideration our lives, and is the right ticket if we are alone and have no friends or family.

In understanding that most of us have more than us, in our lives, we probably need to take in consideration, spending quality time with others.

Who will you designate quality time with?

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Ah sleep…

Nothing like a good nights sleep!

And occasionally, we don’t get what we need.

With a good nights sleep, we feel refreshed, have great energy and our “can do” attitude allows us to do most anything with ease.

But without good sleep, the simplest tasks, can be overwhelming.

Understanding that sleep, or the lack of it, can affect us when we’re awake, taking some simple steps to get what we need is always a good plan.

Along with a good bed and pillow, not eating or drinking too much before we go to bed, having the right mindset does wonders to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Start with envisioning yourself getting enough sleep, give yourself the image of what dreams you would like to dream, and quite the mind to thoughts of beauty.

And don’t think of things that are unfinished or need to be done,  for the only thing that should happen when you sleep, is sleep.

Yours in “A Good Nights Sleep” – Coach

Tolerance and Acceptance…

Why not?

We are all different and not everyone can fit in right from the start…it takes time for both sides to get accustomed to each other.

History has shown us time and again, with the not so nice names given to every new generation of a different race that enters our country. The names die out with each generation becoming more like “us”, but shouldn’t even have been there from the start.

So taking the time, and not a generation, to get to know someone is pretty rewarding and it will create a pretty nice relationship to boot!

Your is Tolerance and Acceptance – Coach