True Pride…

Is built from the things you have done that you have been proud of.

It doesn’t fall from the sky.

And recently, I know of many that have added a bit of pride to their life:)

So if you need a little more “Pride in your Stride”…you know what to do.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Baby Steps…

In coaching, I have seen individuals, teams and departments take it to the “Next Level” when they work out a solid game plan and don’t rush the process.

Regretfully, I have also seen disappointment when they attempt to rush it as well.

Like when you were a kid and cut your fingernails too short…you have pain which you will get over, but the one thing that stays, is the pain of taking on (or off, in this case) too much at once, which you then carry forward as a negative feeling towards the process.

Take your time… work the plan and the plan will work.

Yours in “Baby Steps” – Coach

You are what you eat??

Not really, more precisely, you are what you digest and absorb.

Through evolution, we people had a diet consisting of a very low variety of foods per meal. For instance, if we grew corn, that’s what we ate. If we foraged and found a patch of ripe berries, that’s what we had. If we were lucky enough to trap an animal, we had that…and so on.

Your body is also pretty specific on how it breaks down food.
Eat a carbohydrate and the breakdown starts with the enzyme amylase found in the saliva.
Eat protein and the HCL and pepsin start the digestive process in the stomach.

With protein, the pyloric sphincter closes so that the protein can pre-digest for up to 8 hours in the stomach and since carbohydrates do not need to pre-digest, they should go through the stomach within about an hour, and that’s just scratching the surface of what your body does with the foods you eat.

So by mixing too many different foods at one time, your body can get confused as to what to do to best digest and absorb in the most effective manner resulting in an incomplete breakdown and absorption.

Therefore, keeping the food groups to a minimum, you can assure that you are doing is what will be easiest and less taxing on your body while getting the most nourishment out of the foods you eat.

Yours in Digestion – Coach

A Deadline is…

1. The time which something MUST be finished or submitted, the LATEST TIME for finishing something.
2. A line or limit that MUST NOT be passed.

And in working with a team, adhering to the definition of “deadline” will allow progression involving others to proceed as intended, otherwise your involvement of being a timely asset turns into an untimely liability…stopping the whole process in it’s tracks.

Plus, making your deadline also helps to “Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit”.

Yours in The Importance of Deadlines – Coach

What’s your Trademark?

We are all known for something, and it is up to us to be known for what we do best.

A trademark can be a valuable asset or a liability.

We know the story, some people are known for their wisdom, others for their ability to get things done, while others are known for their talent or skills.

And regretfully, some are known for their consistent ability to leave people hanging, creating drama, or being difficult to work with.

Take a good look, and if your trademark is positive, keep it up, and if not, there is always today and the future to build it up.

Because a trademark can always be an asset, if positive, and will do nothing but add value.

Yours in “What’s your Trademark”? – Coach

Let’s not end up like…


The cat in Greek Mythology who had to roll up a huge stone up a steep hill, just to watch it roll back down, and continue to do it for eternity.

He was made to do this because Sisyphus wasn’t too kind to people. He would kill, and pretty much take whatever he wanted, without regard to others…basically a punk.

Sisyphus thought he was clever, but was just a little too big for his “britches”, and continually overstepped his bounds. So after he got a little too clever, Zues showed him his own form of cleverness by banishing him to an eternity of frustration.

Yours in “Better to be Nice” – Coach