Effects of Emotion


Being positive directs one to be creative, non-defensive, open to new
ideas, constructive and tolerant. Your “Dominant Thought” of being
positive does its best searching out what is good instead of what is

Whereas being negative puts one on a “seek and destroy” mission of
finding what is wrong in a situation as well as being intolerant,
defensive, small minded and pretty much not liked.

In being negative, the saying, “If you wake up pissed, you won’t be
missed,” proves true.


Being positive also allows your body to be more at ease. It allows all
of the body and its functions to flow. Since the result of being
positive is being relaxed, it allows for relaxation of the blood
including lower blood pressure and pulse rate as well as the other
of the body following suit.

When one is negative and “uptight”, everything in the body follows the
lead of being negative or uptight and is constricted. This includes
blood pressure, pulse rate and constriction of all the other body
and whether that part is a valve tissue or vessel, the functions are
impaired when there is constriction.
So the choice is yours, be positive or negative, but remember there are
a lot of other things that come with each emotion.

Yours Positively – Coach

Use Discontent as a Motivator?

You betcha.

Just like a hot stove, discontent is a warning sign that should be explored.

Many people I work with experience the feeling of discontent or anxiety in certain areas of their life. In exploring why they are feeling this way, often times, they have a revelation on what the root cause is.

Once they have pinpointed the reason for their discontent or anxiety, they can then formulate a plan and a course of action to remedy the situation.

As they work their plan, they feel more relaxed and also feel more in control as they are the one handling what has been the culprit, and smoothly get back on track feeling better and better and things start to return to normal.

So if you are discontent or feel anxious about a certain area of you life, remember it is a good thing, just a warning sign of something not right and is awaiting you attention and resolve.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Every Generation Needs…

To learn the stove is hot.
And in doing so, we sometimes get burned.

Getting burned is usually a great lesson for us not to do it again, for the pain of doing it is usually bigger than temptation of doing it again.

Just understand that we have to learn lessons in life and occasionally we burnt, it’s just the way things go.
So if we continually need to get out the ointment with certain situations in our lives, we may need to heed the lesson and learn.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

If you’re not good at something…

And want to be…just do more of it.

Pretty simple concept, it’s called practice.

But many of us want to be good at something “now”, and unless you were born with some really sweet talent at what you’re wanting to be good at, it usually takes a bit of work.

No worries though – practice over time, with repetition can overcome just about anything.

Whether you want to be good at golf, painting, relationships, public speaking, piano – it makes no difference.

Just start with the basics and practice, and over time, with repetition, you will be far beyond your starting point – and getting better – every time you do it.

Yours in “Just do more of it” – Coach

Facing some of the really big…

Tasks or projects in our lives, it can be daunting to say the least.

Just thinking or imagining the time that will be needed to finish it, or bring it to completion, can become a barrier to even start the process.

But if we believe it’s worthwhile, we must breakdown the barrier and start the process and know there are ways to bring the finish line closer, than we have originally estimated.

We’ve all probably heard the answer to the question:

“How do you eat an elephant?”…”One bite at a time”

Well, that statement implies that it will also take a certain amount of time, but doesn’t take into account that from time to time…

“We can chew fast”.

Yours in “Understanding” – Coach

A friend of mine…

Recently had a goal of helping his kids find their passion, to help them in their future.. It was a tough deal, as the kids are young and he didn’t know where to start.

So I suggested that he let his kids know how to identify their passion by telling them this:

“When you have a passion about something, you sleep on it and wake up with it, and when you are doing something you are passionate about, time seems to fly by”.

My friend came back and let me know that his youngest kids passion was Lego’s.

It may not help the boy with his future, but it shows, that when we are young, our passion is to play…which is what it should be.

Yours in “Give it Time” – Coach