Releasing and Letting go…

Of what others do, and focusing on being in sole control of what we do, is a solid base for being.

When we let go of others and take control of ourselves, we can then enjoy the feelings of being truly free.

And as the saying goes, “The only thing we can control is ourselves and what we do”, cannot be more…right on.

Yours in “Being Free” – Coach

How will  your day…

Be today?

Chances are, that whatever mindset you have, on how your day will be, will come into reality.

If you think you will have a “just OK day”, all your thoughts, perceptions, actions and decisions will make it a “just OK day”.

But if you think you day will be super – or even super duper, all of your thoughts, perceptions, actions and decisions will make your day super – or even super duper.

Let’s try it – think of how you want you day to be…and I bet it will come true:)

Yours in “Make it Happen” – Coach

Some of us are on the cutting edge…

Of Ignorance…I know I am.

We can’t know everything, and we can never know it all, but we can sure keep learning.

Remember when we were all 16? We knew it all! We were definitely smarter than our parents and undoubtedly smarter than our teachers.

Then, once “real life” started to rear it’s head of responsibilities, we seemed to not be as smart as we thought we were.

Remembering that we were once as smart as they come, and we dummy up over time is a great lesson and inspiration that can help us keep learning and growing – once we pass the age of 16.

Yours in “Continued Growth” – Coach

“Looks like she fell out of the…

Giving tree and hit every branch on the way down”.

That would be a pretty sweet thing people could say about us…it’s all about our “Brand” – and a brand is just about what people say about us, not what we say about ourselves.

So what is your “Brand”? Is it good, bad or in between?

Remember, it’s not what you say about yourself, it’s what others say about you.

And it comes from what you do and how you do it – keep this in mind, when you want to create a brand for yourself.

Yours in – “Creating Your Brand” – Coach

Time is our most…

Precious gift…for time is actually “our life”.

That is exactly why, the greatest gift we can give someone…is our time.

So why not stop our own “deal” and give a bit of our life to another, with our gift of our time.

Hold a door open, hold the elevator, or simply hold that smile just a bit longer.

Our time is our greatest gift and giving a bit of it, can make all the difference in the world.

Yours in “Giving our time” – Coach

Write it down?

Yes, a short pencil is better than a long memory.

Whatever we feel is important enough to do, is also important enough to write down.

Many of us, including myself, go about our day to day, forgetting to write down the things we need to handle.  And often times, we end up not doing what we intended to do, and remembering what it was, usually pops up at the most inopportune times.

Let’s just write down what we want to handle and when we need to handle it, and we won’t end up missing a thing – for our week…and just as important, our weekends.

Yours in “Writing it down” – Coach