Management or Leadership?

When dealing with numbers, managing works best, but with people, Leadership is the way to go.


Because with people, if you don’t provide Leadership, then you have to manage…the trouble is… you’re left to manage those which are not being led.

Yours in Leadership – Coach

Are you Thirsty or Hungry??

I received a lot of questions about the water blog posted yesterday so I would like to give some further information so that you can receive a better understanding of the dynamics of water in the body.

There are 2 general sensations associated with eating habits. The one for food is often termed hunger pain. The second is a sensation for thirst. Both sensations are felt in the same area and are brought about by histamines.

The best way to separate the sensation of thirst from hunger is to drink water before food (we recommend a 1/2 hour as it takes around a 1/2 hour before the physiology in search of water is separated from that of hunger for food.). The reality is that we often eat food and THEN drink water, if any, which masks the reality of dehydration.

In a dehydrated state, your body produces histamines which will congest the biggest areas of evaporation such as the lungs in order to conserve water. And when dehydrated, salt is what we also crave as it will help retain fluids in our body, so instead of drinking water, we go for salty snacks.

So understanding that we often eat foods that dehydrate us which may be mistaken for thirst or eat salty snacks in order to retain fluids, the process can be turned around.

How much water is too much.?? You can water log most anything, so a gradual increase to what you are comfortable with would be a good plan as you better understand the process. But just knowing the difference between thirst and hunger is a powerful starting point.

Yours in Understanding – Coach

Do we like our Life?

I sure hope so, for it’s the only one we got.

Pondering the question of “Do we like our life?”, can bring about many different scenarios.

We always have the ability and choice to like our life, even if there are some things in it that we don’t necessarily like.This may sound like rhetoric, but there always is something going on in our lives, but doesn’t mean we can’t like it overall.

That’s because life brings us stuff that we don’t always need or want, and it is up to us to de-select those things that we don’t need or want, it’s just part of life, and we always need to pull the weeds to make the grass grow.

So we we need to stay mindful not to focus on the “stuff” that enters our lives, that’s not to our liking,  but instead, focus on liking our life.

Yours in “It’s All Good” – Coach

Delegate or Stagnate…

Sounds harsh but it’s really not.

I’m not just talking about work. It would be nice to delegate “your” work to make your life more simple…

But since almost nothing is created alone… I’m talking about delegating not only tasks, but teamwork, success’, acknowledgement and recognition for the greater good of a common goal.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

A big “resistance” factor…

In getting back into shape, with the people I’ve worked with, is that the pain and time commitment is…”just not worth it”.

It’s not that they don’t want to get back into shape, it’s just the program that they decided on, is too much of a commitment and they can’t keep up with the plan.

When the pain of the program overcomes the pain of being out of shape, people quit what they have set out to do.

The ones that have sustained an exercise program, have started out small and easy, and worked it into their daily routine, such as only 10 sit ups and 10 push ups, 5 days a week.

And after 30 days, they keep it up or add a little more. It only takes about a minute to start and then, 5 minutes a day and they are on their way.

Yours in “Start Slow” – Coach

The seed of Greatness…

Is in us all.

What comes of our seed of Greatness is how we “water” it.

We can “water” it by giving, positive thinking and doing, helping others, being a mentor, making the right choices and more of the same, which brings out the finest growth of any seed.

Or we can water it with selfishness, negative thinking and doing, taking from others, being a poor role model, making poor choices and more of the same, which will produce a withered weed, with no sense of reason.

Yours in “Proper Watering” – Coach