I’m ready for whatever…

But whatever never happens, because I’m ready – That’s the way I roll – How about You?
Life’s going to throw junk at us on a consistent basis, that’s just the deal, but when you’re ready – it make no difference what it is, for when it comes your way – it’s not junk – it’s life, and that’s the way you take it.
So let’s just all say “Bring it” when it comes to life and what’s inevitably in store for us…because we can always be ready for whatever happens.
– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Past, Present or Future??

The grass seems to be always greener somewhere else…

You can live in the Past which is over, live in the Future which is not here, or choose to live in the Present…all up to you.

A good rule of thumb is:

1. REMEMBER the Past.
2. DREAM your Future.
3. LIVE in the Present.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Things don’t happen to us…

They happen for us.

When things happen to us, we become the victim, and when things happen for us, we are in charge and it is up to us, what we do with it, or what we do about it.

It’s all about perception.

Whatever comes our way, comes our way, and it is up to us to view it positively or negatively and our actions will follow our perception.

So whatever we face – we need to perceive it as an opportunity…an opportunity to make us stronger, smarter, or more empowered and better able to deal with the same things when it come around again.

Otherwise, things can break us down and take it’s toll…when all we had to do is change our perception.

Yours in “Things Happen For Us” – Coach

Pitching In…

Remember when you were young and needed a little assistance and someone helped you out and pitched in?

It was a pretty good feeling not only for you but for the other person as well.

We can still do the same thing when we are grown up.

Just a little assistance, guidance or pitching in will  still do wonders for all parties involved while also helping to form new bonds and relationships.

So pitch in when you are needed and you will create a win – win situation.

Yours in Pitching In – Coach

We are Powerful beyond measure.

My friend and mentor Tom Mendoza, Vice Chairman of Network Appliance (#1 on Forbe’s list of 100 Best Companies to work for) delivered a Powerful speech at one of their companies yearly sales conventions…

It was titled “The Power of One”.

All Greatness starts with “One”…one Vision, one individual, one focus,
one goal.

In understanding the “Power of One”, we can create anything, and with
the attraction and focus of the “Power of One”, other people and other
things, can unite in the same direction – creating a domino effect that
can achieve or conquer whatever is started by “One”…

So let’s embrace the “Power of One” and the Greatness that follows,
allowing the process to unfold.

Yours in the “Power of One” – Coach

In business, looking at your computer screen…

May let you know the results, in numbers, of what the business is doing, but continually looking at your screen won’t change what you see.

The people are what makes up the numbers.

So if you want to change what you see on your computer, you need to work with your people.

Yours in “The way is is” – Coach