Now is the planning part…

We have reflected on last year and dreamed about how we want this year to be, and thought of the “how” to make it better.

Now is where the rubber hits the road…this is where making a solid game plan for this year comes in.

What do you need to do to make this year the way you want it? This is totally up to you as it is your life…what you decide will become the road map for your future success.

Remember, half baked plans result in half baked results.

So think it through and plan this year out…your life and future depend on it.

Yours in – A solid game plan for this Year – Coach

All parents know…

Not to give the kids sugar before bedtime.

Because kids show the direct relationship with sugary foods – they start bouncing off the walls.

It’s a normal response to a sharp increase in blood sugar and it’s also the bodies innate response to burn off the sugar, along with some extra insulin to store the excess.

But as we grow, and with any consistent stimuli, the body adapts, and when we slow our movements (lie on the couch) after a treat high in sugar, it then puts more demand on our pancreas to secrete insulin to take up the slack – which can lead to future trouble.

So, when we want a sugary delight, we need to do what the kids do and bounce off the walls after we eat it. That will not only get us moving more, but take the sole load off the pancreas as well.

Yours in Health – Coach

Balancing our lives…

Must not only be for ourselves.

Balancing our own lives can be a challenge, but with a little focus, we can accomplish anything.

The real challenge that needs to be handled, is including “others”, in part of our deal.

Have you recently shut down everything and engaged in some focused communication with those who mean so much to you? Or have you been putting it off? If we have been procrastinating, when we stop and think about the reasons why we haven’t done it…are pathetically defenseless.

When we spend enough time connecting, in person or in some other way with the ones we love, it makes the whole balancing act worthwhile.

Yours in “Worthwhile” – Coach

When my son Sam was 8 years old, he…

Loved to ride and attempt tricks on his skateboard.

He came one day and said he just got “Big Air Opportunity”.

Having no idea of what he what talking about…he explained that “When you skateboard and you feel everything is right as you are going into your trick, you have the opportunity to get “Big Air” and it doesn’t come around that often and you shouldn’t waste it”.

Yours in – What’s your “Big Air Opportunity”? – Coach

Free up your Brain?

To make room available for creative thoughts…Consistently remembering tasks, appointments and responsibilities can be overwhelming and fatiguing as well.

Writing down all the things that need to be done or made can have a immense “freeing” effect on your brain and energy too.

“A short pencil is better than a long memory”…We all know this, but sometimes when we are too busy to write things down is when we need to do it the most.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

A diet high in…

Simple carbohydrates, can actually make us more hungry.
Carbohydrates break down into either glucose which can be used for energy or fuel for the body, or glycogen which can be stored by the body, as a reserve to be used later when the body demands it.
And simple carbohydrates are the ones that are usually processed or refined, which is the reason they break down into glucose so fast – making us more hungry – more quickly.
A better bet is to consume more complex carbohydrates, which are the carbohydrates, starches and sugars found in their natural form, like in fruits and vegetables, where it takes much longer to break down – thus making us less hungry – less quickly.
And complex carbohydrates are healthier for us and they don’t spike the insulin response as much as simple carbohydrates.
– Dr. Vik, The Culture King