“Live Foods”

“Live” foods are simply foods that “grow”.

When we look at our eating habits in an evolutionary manner, we have come from eating “live” foods in the not to distant past to eating foods that are manufactured or processed which has stripped and altered the
food from it’s original state, not to mention foods that have their ingredients derived from a laboratory.

“Live” foods have a much higher vibration to them and is more in harmony with our vibration as living beings, which helps us stay healthy more than that of the foods that aren’t “live”.

Also when you cut live foods with a knife, the knife can be cleaned by running it through cold water…and that’s the way “live” foods go through your body…Clean.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King


No natural occurrence goes on and on.

It rains and it stops. The sun shines and then there is darkness. The
tide goes up and then goes down. Things bloom and then recede. We live
with nature and must do the same.

Work must be balanced by rest and play. If we balance our personal lives
with our business lives, we will not only have a happier personal life
but most likely be more energized at work. Some people may work 40 hours
a week but think about work for another 40 hours while they’re at home,
which makes them feel as though they have worked 80 hours a week. Which
boils down to being ineffective at work and at home.

Even at work, there must be a balancing act. Some of us that have a
highly focused job must balance our
attention with the balance of creative time. That’s why slack time is
recommended at work for our creative efforts. And at home, there must be
a balance of family and “you” time.

The fact is, if we are balanced and refreshed, we are happier and more productive at home and at
work. Therefore we must remember that when we play, we play and when we
work, we work.

Yours in Balance – Coach

Don’t adorn your Hero…

Be the Hero.

When we grew up, we all had Hero’s in our lives that we looked up to and adorned.

Whether they were a cartoon Hero, a Hero on TV or in the movies, or just someone in real life that we looked up to – we all had our Hero’s.

But as in growing older, there is always the time where the student becomes the teacher – and maybe it’s time for us to be our own Hero?

Just think of the skills and attributes that your childhood Hero had, and make them you own – and maybe over time, we might just need to wear a cape:)

Yours in “Be the Hero” – Coach

When you have a challenge…

Concerning another, and you want to get even – Don’t, that is small thinking.

Understanding that when others give you the urge to get even, it is them and not you that has started the feelings, and it is up to us to keep the challenge with them.

By accepting the challenge, we are playing their game and not ours.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Let’s all start…

Let’s all start…

Our lives in the right direction!

The right direction, will be different for most people as our outcome and desires for our own lives are different.

First, we need to simply declare what we want our lives to be like and what we want to become.

And secondly, we need to make a plan to get us there, and break them down to manageable goals.

Yours in “Easy as one, two” – Coach

Do you want to predict…

Your future?

OK – simply declare what you want your future to be,  and then set the goals to get there.

No one is going to do it for you, so your future starts with you and what you declare today.

Otherwise, you may end up, where you don’t want to end up.

Yours in “It’s up to you” – Coach