Importance of Sleep

The body is a self healing machine, and 95% of healing happens when you
sleep. It has over 100K miles of blood vessels to take care of as
just one of its duties of regeneration all of the bodies cells, tissue and organs.
If this process is interfered with, we not only regenerate less, over time, we
degenerate more.
Knowing that digestion takes at least 50% of your bodies energy and
blood flow (it’s the very reason we shouldn’t swim after eating)
we would like to have the majority of our digestion completed so our
body’s energy and blood flow can be focused on the regenerative process that
goes on while we sleep, so 4 hours is the preferable time to eat before we
retire to bed – FYI – but for the weekends, please feel free to use the
80/20 rule:)

Yours in Rest – Coach

If half the fun is getting there…

Why not have fun getting there?

We don’t have to save the fun for the place or event we are going to, we can begin right at the start of our journey.
Slug Bug is a great game for a road trip, singing as a group can raise the spirits, and holding your breath going through a tunnel is also pretty cool.

Even having fun every day as you get closer to your vacation or holiday. Any time is a great time to have fun, let’s not just keep it for certain times.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Just because someone…

Says “No” to you.

Doesn’t mean you have to say “No” to yourself!

We have all experienced more “No’s” in our lifetime than we would like to admit, and when you really think about it, they usually have come from someone not really understanding us, or what we were asking.

And the one who accepts the “No”, is really saying “No” to themselves, which is a shame, because it didn’t even come from them.

So always remember, no matter who says “No” to you, never say “No” to yourself…it’s just not right.

Yours in “Remember” – Coach

From Euclid to Newton…

It was all about straight lines, but then things changed.

Just like your life, things can’t always go in a straight line forever.

We need to embrace change…Airline pilots are “off” course 95% of the time…they are constantly changing speed, direction and altitude simply because they are in an ever changing environment – so are we.

We all must change direction, speed and expect delays and detours on our journey to where we want to go.

Just like the airplane, even though we may be off course some of the time, we can still reach our desired destination as planned.

Yours in embracing change – Coach

Just keep the Needle…

Of Hope and Opportunity pointed in the direction you want to go.

We will always have detours along the way in our life’s journey, some of them getting us off course, or maybe putting us in “pause” for a bit.

No matter what we face or happens in our lives, the Needle can always be pointed in the right direction, help getting us back on course, once the interruption is in the past.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

He did it again…

While stopped at a red light, my 8 year old Sam said from the back seat..“Boy Dad…I sure like being me”!

On asking “Why”…he just rattled off about 5 great things in his life, confirming why he likes being “him”.

As I’ve said before…Role models are not always adults.   Yours in “Liking being YOU”!

–          Dr. Vik, The Culture King

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