Life is what happens…

Life is what happens…

When we are making other plans!

We talk about making plans and goals to better our lives, but we must not forsake our time in the present or the time getting there.

We need to stay mindful of the process and the beauty it contains and will unfold, over time.

So let’s enjoy the trip as much as the plans.

Yours in “Enjoying both” – Coach

Who’s your Coach?

Many have asked me “Who is your Coach”? Which is a great question.

I have had many coaches in my life and now my coaching lies with some of my past coaches and mentors along with my family and some close friends.

We all need someone in our lives that we can rely on to be there to help us positively, when the time arises, which it inevitably does.

So when you need some assistance, who is your Coach?

Yours in someone you can rely on – Coach

Are we breathing?

We may be, but when was the last time we took a big breath?

We’re talking about expanding our lungs… filling up every alveoli – all 300 million of them with life sustaining oxygen!

For those that do aerobic (means – with oxygen) activity…it happens with the expansion of the lungs and the elevation of your ribcage – so you’re good…

But for those that don’t do aerobic exercise…going from sitting to standing may be the only exercise we get…and your blood oxygen level could use a little boost…so taking big, slow deliberate breathes will do 3 things:

1. Provide more oxygen to your body – which is good.
2. Open up your lungs and rib cage – which is also good.
3. Allow the Lymph system to better circulate – good again.

Start making a habit out of taking big breathes – your health depends on it

Yours in breathing – Coach


Is the quality or condition of being humble.

In life… working as a family or a team, it allows things to get done,
as there is no job too big or too small or insignificant for anyone to do.

Humility takes the ego and arrogance out of the equation, creating the
sum of smooth interaction and cooperation.

May Humility live on, and prosper in your life.

Yours in Humility – Coach

Follow a recipe?

Sure, if we want to make something that someone else created.

But the True Masters live and breathe it…and have it all in their head.

Just like all the employees at…they have all created a Vision, Purpose, Cause and Culture…that is great and getting better.

Maybe that’s why they are all Masters in what they do…they live a breathe what they have created, which is what makes it all so special.

The  neat thing is, I saw it happen, and hats off to everyone at Zappos…True Masters indeed.

Yours in “Love” – Coach

The itsy bitsy spider…

Came up the water spout.
Down came the rain and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain.
And the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again.
“If an itsy bitsy spider can overcome…so can we”.
Yours in “Overcoming Challenges” – Coach