Sometimes, we have to…


All of us, including the rest of us, just need to sit back and let the celebration unfold.

We all have our deal…and the eye on the Vision will take us there.

So why not sit back relax and soak it all in…the rest is in our future.

After all. we created it and we might as well enjoy it along the way.

Yours in “Nice Work” – Coach


I need it, I want it, seems like I haven’t had it in such a long time. Something sweet, something cool, something satisfying…. Yes, I want ice cream. I am so hungry for ice cream, I would do anything for it. When

I close my eyes I can imagine how good it will be to eat it and how satisfied it will make me feel.

Ahhhh, finally ice cream…. how sweet, how creamy, how cool. I haven’t had ice cream in such a long time. I said I would do anything for some ice cream and I meant it, boy am I in heaven. How can anything get any better?? I’m sitting in the sun eating my ice cream, my favorite flavor – rocky road, with big pieces of marshmallow and crunchy almonds. I’m getting down to the cone and man is that crunch of the cone great with the ice cream or what? How sad, I am almost finished with the cone….the last bite gone, satisfaction at last!

I need it, I want it, seems like I haven’t had it in such a long time. Something wet, something cool, something satisfying…yes I want water. I am so thirsty for water, I would do anything for it. When I close my eyes I can imagine how………………………….

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Our lives shouldn’t be…

A flip of a coin…a 50/50 chance.

It should be 100%…Good and getting Better.

Can’t get it all at once, don’t even need to, otherwise there would be nothing to do.

Just move forward, choosing what’s important to you and the ones in your life, and let it rip, and not by chance…but your intended direction.

Then keep moving forward, and detour when you need to, on your way from Good to Better.

Yours in “Not All at Once” – Coach


May seem like a daunting word but doesn’t have to be a word that symbolizes endless suffering.

It can mean that we will overcome – no matter what challenges we face.

It can also symbolize the continuation of existence, and that we have groomed a smooth path, allowing us to gracefully gain experience along the way in life.

So enjoy your enduring, it sure is better than it’s opposite…”to succumb”.

Yours in “Enduring” – Coach

Whether it be a group, team or family…

Keeping people going in the right direction takes constant steering but should not need rounding up again unless left unattended.

So if you find yourself in a continual round up, you may want to spend less energy rounding up and more energy in attending to the process.

Yours in True Leadership – Coach

We are all more Valuable than a…


And this is because of our Uniqueness.

Just like a Picasso, we all differ…one eye may be different than the other while our smile is always different from one side to another…we have all most likely seen where they take a photograph of someone and put both right sides together, and both left sides together, to make a complete face.

What results, is the person with both the right side or left sides put together, looking totally different, from their original face.

So let’s embrace our special differences, for they are what makes us one of a kind… Valuable and Unique.

Yours in “Embrace Your Uniqueness” – Coach

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