My 15 year old daughter is a super bright individual, who gets great grades, plays sports and does cheer, but has a pretty good dose of “being 15 syndrome” – that being… the parents, and most others, have no idea about things and sporting a bad attitude is part of the deal.

But last Thursday night, she came down to talk to my wife and I about her “new revelation”!
She started by saying…”You know, like, when I get up in the morning – I hate it, and like, I tell myself I hate getting up and hate going to school and doing my homework – you know”?

Here’s the surprise: She then said that she finally realized that she does have to get up and go to school and do her homework, so she now says to herself upon awakening, “Wow, what is going to be great about this day…and who will I meet and what will I be able to learn and have fun doing”.

She was so excited that she found out that when she changed her mind, her world changed and her day turns out positive instead of it all being a drag.

I said “Fantastic Sweetie, you have finally understood what I’ve been doing and telling people about for years”! She replied “Huh?…I thought you just coached”?

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

100 Calories a day…

Over the course of a year, is either 10 pounds gained or lost…depending if 100 calories a day is added, or subtracted from our normal diet.

Doesn’t seem like a lot of calories…but over time, things do add up.

Simply being mindful of the little extra that needs to be done, for whatever result we are aiming for, is pretty comforting.
Yet, many of us seem to want to be heavier or lighter NOW…and get on a program that ends up not being sustainable.
So if we want to be 10 pounds heavier or lighter next year – take that small amount of effort that is needed to make it come true.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

The clock keeps ticking…

Regardless, if we are asleep or awake.
And many of us worry that we are racing against the clock.
We’re not advising that we waste time, or think that we have unlimited time in our lives to what we want. We are just saying that we need not worry about time, and the clock ticking, when it comes to things that really matter in our lives.
Take the time for the important things, for we are trading our time for importance, which always has the best outcome.
The only thing we need to worry about is when the clock stops.
– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Attempt to enjoy…

Your “guilty” pleasures or vice for a change.

That way, you can really enjoy it, when it’s time to stop.

Because guilt sometimes keeps us in the loop.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Occasionally, we are too critical…

Of what we create…or of ourselves, taking our attention off the “whole picture”.

My Grandmother used to cook the best meals I think I have ever eaten – ever.

Turkey with the best gravy…Pot roast…ham for Easter…you know, the old fashioned kind with the pork cracklings still on it.

But it never failed…about 5-10- minutes after we all sat down to eat…she remembered the biscuits…they were always burnt by then….and she would fret over burning them, when no one even really cared about them because everything else was so good!!

Is there anything that is taking your attention away from the whole picture that reminds you of this story??

Yours in seeing the “Whole Picture” – Coach

A big question that is often asked is…

How do I get motivated?

Great question…we can either use the “Carrot or the Stick”…you know, in getting a donkey to do something…use the carrot in the front, or the stick from behind – all to get the donkey moving forward…

We can so the same with ourselves – whatever works.

In using a “Carrot” in helping us to move forward, we can take things that we perceive is better than we currently are, or have, and use them as inspiration, for what we want to have, or become.

Or we can also use the “Stick” to help us move forward, by taking things which we perceive as being worse than we are, or have, and use them for motivation.

Yours in Choice – Coach