Can I help my blood pressure?

Genes play a role but do not dictate all.

Your arteries are muscles and need to be put through routine exercise to remain elastic in order to withstand and respond to the demands put upon it.

If you run to catch a bus, your body knows it, and increases the blood. Thus, oxygen flows to the muscular system to furnish the increased need.

And without routine exercise, arteries become brittle and will not stretch upon increased demand of blood flow and the blood pressure will go up, too. Therefore, small incremental exercise will “stretch” the arteries and allow them to handle what is given.

Also your weight can play a large role in blood pressure. Consider this: You are watering a plant with a hose. You will need low pressure in the hose to supply enough water to the plant, if there was a pillow (little body mass) resting on the hose. You will need high pressure, if you were watering a plant with a sandbag (a lot of body mass) resting on the hose.

So a routine exercise program and monitoring your weight can play a major role in your blood pressure and where it needs to be.

Yours in Health – Coach

The long journey towards…

The middle…that’s where most of us end up.

Not the best, and not the worst – Average – which is the best of the worst, and the worst of the best.

The middle, the normal – like everyone else.

The ones who end up in the middle follow the rest of the pack, the herd mentality – Safe – no glory, but no defeat either – and taking the path of least resistance will always get us there.

Now that we know who gets to the middle, why, and how to get there, we can choose if it’s the place for us.

If it is – that’s OK – some like to play it safe and like to be average…but for those of us that don’t, we now know what to do…to be different.

Yours in Choice – Coach

Going to the “Next Level” and not…

Taking a step?

That would be pretty nice, but regretfully, moving forward or to the “Next Level” takes a bit of effort…and definitely includes taking a step or steps.

So understanding that every move forward, or up, needs to include a step or steps, is the first “step” in getting there.

But occasionally we have a plan or intentions to get somewhere, while we stay motionless, and that’s OK if we need to take a breather, but we need to get back to “stepping” as soon as we are refreshed.

Because we can’t get somewhere when we don’t move.

Yours in “Taking Steps” – coach

We all make Mistakes…

It’s OK, we’re human, but the deal is that we need to “own it”.

Passing the buck, shifting the blame, and being the victim are all really cute ideas but don’t really handle the situation, although some think they do.

Oh, and the masters of the one’s who don’t “own” their mistakes create all sorts of drama in a weak attempt to divert attention somewhere else.

We need to all remember that mistakes happen – we need to just “own it” – apologize – learn from it, and move on – that’s what Winners do.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

One of our Greatest…

Attributes, is our Ambition. With it, we can drive our lives forward, and without it, we stay in neutral.

We all have it, its just that some of us are not using it as much as we should.

Sometimes ambition is started or sparked by adversity, or hitting rock bottom. If that’s the case, just make baby steps and create small goals that will be easy to win, and over time, you will gain your confidence back, as well as your ambition.

Yours in “Ambition” – Coach

Mike and Ike…

Were 20 and 10 years old, respectfully.

Mike was 50% older than Ike.

Ten years later, Mike was 30 and Ike was 20 years old.

Now Mike was 30% older than Ike.

Ten years later, Mike was 40 and Ike was 30.

Mike was then 25% older than Ike.

Will they ever catch up and be the same age?

Or do we never catch up with our age?

Yours in “Thought” – Coach