Being a “Winner”…

I have talked about being a “Winner” in my workshops and my coaching. It is meant to be used for Positive Self Talk (PST).

By guiding your PST, you can raise the level of not only your self talk but raise your self esteem as well. These are the 2 out of the 3 building blocks to start your great, successful journey.

But in life, you don’t always have to “Win” to be a “Winner”.

True Winners are not afraid to attempt. And if they face defeat, they re-group and attempt again in a more knowledgeable fashion, if they so desire.

True Winners often allow others to win, in order to help others raise their level of abilities or confidence. They graciously give, not afraid nor concerned about who “Wins”.

It’s all about how you “play the game”… not just the end result.

Yes it really helps to have a Positive Self Talk (PST) in your mind, but it is not imperative, in life, to “Win” to be a “Winner”.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Start Fresh…

It’s never too late.

Occasionally we come to a point where we are not satisfied by our past accomplishments or what we have done with our lives.

This is the time to take a big look at where we have come from and where we want to go and not be overly concerned with our past.

We have the ability to switch gears and change course, no matter where we are in our lives.

Colonel Sanders started “Fresh” in his 60’s to create the famed KFC restaurant chain, so if you think it’s to late for a fresh start – think again.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

We eat with our eyes…

And continue eating because of the taste.

Here’s the deal…We first are attracted to food by the looks, which plays a role on the taste, and if both are top notch, as most restaurants and fast food fully understand, we want it, and we want more..

So in preparing meals at home that we design to be healthy for us, we need to make sure that it firstly, has great eye appeal, and we can achieve this by simply using colorful and nicely “plated” dishes, and secondly we need to assure that our meals can match our taste buds so that we can reach a healthy satisfaction.

Yours in Healthy Creation – Coach

Yes, thoughts do drive…

Your Emotions, your Feelings, not to mention your Choices and Health – (you know…that psychosomatic thing).

Pretty all encompassing when you “think” about it.

The Big Challenge but the Perfect Part as well, is that what ever is rattling around between our ears…We either Control or Allow! ….

Sweet – So let your thoughts rattle, be free, or in alignment and your experience or outcome will be the same.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

What have we done lately…

For the people that love us?

Have we been working too long and hard to fit them in?

Have we been too busy on ourselves, to find the time for them?

Or have we just neglected them, because we are just being lazy?

Whatever the excuse, it’s just an excuse. They love us for a reason, and it’s not for our excuses.

Yours in ” Find the Time” – Coach

When we take the…

“High road”, we never “burn bridges”.

Taking the “high road” isn’t always our first choice or instinct. Many times, we want to give back the “junk” that people throw at us…but that will only have us playing the same game as the ones throwing “junk”, and that’s not like us.

So no matter what the temptation is, we should never allow ourselves to get sucked in to the heat of the moment, that way, we won’t have any regrets and we can always keep our relationships right, at least on our side.

Yours in “Taking the High Road” – Coach