To give or not to give…

“Giving” is the only word that is on 2 lists, one list being Positive and the other being Negative:

1. Love, gratitude, hope, dreams, passion, GIVING, etc.

2. Hate, anger, resentment, jealousy, contempt, GIVING, etc.

Many people I coach have a challenge with giving too much…time, money, emotion etc. until they feel there is nothing left.

So you can give which is positive or give too much which can be negative.

The way around this and to remain “Whole” is that you can “Understand” instead of “Give” for those who seem to continually take and take.

This strategy is not meant to be mean spirited or selfish, it’s to keep you “Whole”, after all, if there is nothing left…there’s nothing left to give.

Yours in staying “Whole” – Coach

I’ll do it when…

I get more time.

Ever said that to yourself? I did, last week when my youngest wanted to watch a movie with me, and after I said it, it hit me like a brick, because I forgot…

We will never have “more” time, only the time that ticks by.

And in embarrassingly remembering that, I am also reminded that we need to take the time out of our days to do what we want or need to do to keep balanced, and also for the ones that are close to us and deserve some of the time we have.

Hopefully it won’t hit you as hard as it did me, for not remembering…we never get more time, and we need to use our time wisely, for every hour that’s gone…is gone forever.

Yours in “Time” – Coach

You may have heard that…

After the chess game, the King and pawn go back into the same box.

But more importantly, in the next game, they both get a fresh start.

Yours in a “fresh start” – Coach


Well, the feeling usually comes when we are not in balance.

Doing too much of one thing, or many things, and not doing enough for ourselves to get our batteries charged – and to get “whole” is usually the culprit.

Focusing is a great thing, in the short term, but focusing on something too long, can make our view…get a bit fuzzy.

We just need to “air it out” and take some breaks along our journey to properly balance out…making us much more likely to complete the journey we’ve started.

Maybe our mantra should be: “I am so balanced, I should be walking on a high wire”.

And in doing so – we are reminded to balance along the way.

Yours in “Balance” – Coach

Thinking back, to one of…

Our favorite “jacked up” memories, can make us feel good, because if we liked it, and it was “jacked up”, it was unique to us.

One of mine was when I stayed at my Grandparents house…breakfast was a big deal, and the lumpy cream of wheat was my favorite!

I’m sure my Grandma didn’t try to make it lumpy, it just turned out that way, and I used to look for the lumps…the more the better.

So think back to your favorite “jacked up” memory, and you will feel good inside.

Yours in “Jacked up memories:)” – Coach

Simplicity counts, but…

That doesn’t mean details don’t.

We all seem to be in the search for more time.

And for those of us that aim to streamline and simplify our lives, we need to be mindful that the details don’t get thrown out along the way.

Details are what makes the process, and in our process to put a little simplification into our lives, we need to pay attention to what makes up the process.

We can compartmentalize our tasks, but keeps our tasks in the process. We can streamline our efforts, but our efforts still need to be included. We can simplify our lives, but keep our lives as the focus.

All in all – it’s all in the details.

Yours in “Details” – Coach