There is a time…

To learn and there is a time to teach. and making the transition, takes time.

Many of the folks I have talked with, in many different fields, have let me know that they are trying to be experts, but they are having a hard time getting traction with clients.

The common denominator I have seen is that many of these folks are quite young and haven’t done all their homework to become the expert they want to be, and the world seems to know it.

So my advice is to stay focused on what you are doing and keep up the studies and research, but it’s not always what they want to hear.

But, as we’ve said before, “Experts, or an overnight success, takes on the average, 20 years”.

Yours in “Staying Focused and Patient” – Coach

Our time is valuable…

And so is the time of others…that’s why we need to people of our word.

If we say “Yes, we mean “Yes”.

If we can’t do something or make it somewhere, we say “No”.

And if we aren’t sure, we don’t commit.

These may be simple things, but it is the simple things that matter the most.

Yours in “Keeping Our Word” – Coach

If we lack the courage to start…

We have already finished.

Thinking back, we may be able to recall what we have never started, but wanted to, and what we never started…lies in the “bone pile”.

We can always resurrect what we have wanted to do, by making a plan to get it going.

What usually stops us from starting is our excuses and our focus on what can go wrong or the road blocks that may get in the way.

But with a little courage, we can focus on the result and the anticipated benefits and outcome, once we do begin.

Otherwise – if we don’t start…we are already finished.

Yours in “Starting” – Coach

Fast food…

For every meal?

Probably not the best idea, as there is not a lot of good stuff to keep us healthy and strong, but sometimes it tastes great and really hits the spot.

We give our bodies all sorts of resistance to stay fit, why not occasionally give our bodies what we are hankering for and do the same thing?

We may lift weights or exercise, which gets the blood flowing, exercising our muscles, expanding our blood vessels and putting our joints through increased range of motion.

So eating fast food once in a while, gets the gall bladder and the pancreas to increase their output as well as the making rest of our internal organs shift into high gear…we just don’t want to keep them working at an increased level…but from time to time, we may just need to exercise our insides…just to make sure.

Your in “A Little Resistance” – Coach

We can easily…

See the movie, by the soundtrack.
In our lives, on a team, in a company…all we need to do to see the movie, is to listen.
So to check out where things are going, we just need to listen to what’s going on.
Because what we hear, predicts the outcome.
Yours in “A Positive Soundtrack” – Coach

No more fun and games in your life?

I don’t know about you, but if that were the case, what’s the use?

But some people live by that rule, for they either, by choice or default, allow too much focus to be put on life, and not enough on living.

So keep the fun and games in your life, it will make the whole trip worth while.

Yours in Living – Coach