Saying Thank You…

Is one of the best sure fire ways to keep relationships strong.
Thank You is a response of acknowledgment and recognition and is the opposite of no response, which gets interpreted as being indifferent.
So if you want to keep your relationships strong…a sincere thank you will go a long way.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

A Set Back is a…

Set Up – for a Comeback.

And it sounds great!

We can’t always have things go smoothly with out stopping, for if it did, we wouldn’t really have any inspiration to do, or get better.

Comebacks are not only great in sports but in life as well – When are the underdog,  or when we need to make a comeback, it allows our real spirit to be set free as we utilize all of our efforts to overcome…and the process is not only empowering but it allows the real us to shine!

Your in “Hoping for a Setback” – Coach

We can’t live forever…

And on first thought, it would be nice to.

But what happens if we did live forever?

Our family would die off and our friends would pass on too, leaving us all alone.

So on second thought, maybe it’s not the best that we live forever, just do all we can with the one life we have.

That may make more sense.

Yours in “Living Life” – Coach

Weight gain Secret?

You bet – Salt.

Our bodies produce histamines when we are dehydrated and when we are hungry.

When we are not mindful, we can’t tell the difference if we are hungry or thirsty.

And snack food and fast food folks know it, that’s why they “salt it up”. Since salt helps retain water in our bodies, eating snack food and fast food muffles our urge to drink water by the histamine suppression of salt intake, and it results in the calories that are eaten, instead of the water we were supposed to drink

We’re not saying to not eat fast food or snack food, just knowing the difference if you are hungry or thirsty, by what you have recently eaten or drank – is the important message.

Yours in “Being Mindful” – Coach

Did you know…

One of the greatest secrets in life is having both wisdom and patience?
They go together splendidly.
One can be wise and full of knowledge without a lot of common sense – as seen in the “absent minded professor”.
Or one can have patience without wisdom, and it won’t get them very far.
But Wisdom coupled with Patience is the perfect match…by allowing you to know what to do, and when to do it.
And we’ve all heard before – “Timing is Everything”.
– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

It’s only work…

When you would rather be doing something else.

That’s also why people say you should find something you would like to do for “work” and you won’t be working anymore.

Some have come to me having trouble with this concept…think of it this way…if you are happy while working, then it really isn’t work, is it.

And while some work, by itself, may not be the most fun, we can sure spin it, and make it fun…once we do that, we are happy and we really aren’t working anymore:)

Yours in “Our Choice” – Coach