Your “Sweet Spot”…

Is then transferred to your “Wheelhouse”.

Ir’s describing anything that is coming toward you, that you can see as presented to you in slow motion (sweet spot), entering your “space” for you to do what you do best, in total control (wheelhouse).

In baseball, a batter has their own individual, sweet spot that activates their wheelhouse, it may be a pitch thrown down the pipe, a little low and inside, and then all pistons fire, by reflex, and the balls sails deep over the center field wall.

Just something about a sweet spot that puts the rest into motion, achieving greatness.

BTW – We also have a sweet spot in our thoughts, that get our wheelhouse turning, big time, in the right way.

Yours in “Find it” – Coach

Not Perfect…

But moving towards Better.

That’s really all that matters.

Nothing is perfect anyways, and depending on your beliefs, the one person that was perfect, was crucified.

So forget perfection and just move towards Better.

Yours in “Better” – Coach

Stand Tall and Walk Proud?

Why not? – There are a Ton of benefits.
Firstly, when we have stood tall and walked proud in the past, it’s probably because we have just done something great, and our body is showing off a bit…so doing it in advance will demand future actions of greatness.
Secondly, when we stand tall and walk proud, we expand our internal organs and engage our muscles and joints to the position that they are supposed to be in, allowing the body to “flow” as it is made to do…Plus it’s a great change from slumping over or slouching.
So always remember, standing tall and walking proud gives us the one-two punch that our lives and bodies need, while giving us an emotional and physical boost as well.
– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

You can take a Successful Person…

In any business, put them in charge of a different business and they will most likely become  a success there too.

AND, you can take someone that has run a business into the ground, put them in charge of a different business and they will probably run that one into the ground.

That is because people seem to make the same choices in similar situations which elicit the same outcome. We’ve all heard the “A tiger never changes it’s stripes”…well, the same goes with people…yet people CAN change…but seldom do.

Yours in “You CAN change…if you want to” – Coach

The common thread in…

In the successful, is that they all have great habits.

Great habits will guide our future and produce great things.

Success doesn’t happen with one time events, but is made up by many simple things, over time.

Whether its thinking or doing positive things, eating 100 calories less, exercising, or saving on a consistent basis, they always produce great results, over time.

So let’s not attempt or wait for the one big event that will make our future successful, let’s do our successful habits on a daily basis, to create the life we all want to live.

Your in “Success” – Coach

Are you…

“Dolling up” today?

Sometimes it’s easy on those cold rainy days, just to bundle up, throw on a hat and call it a day…sometimes we need those days, and sometimes we don’t.

Occasionally, when it’s gloomy outside, it pays pretty good dividends to wake up, do a little exercise and hit the shower to start the day off with a bang!

By doing so, we change our thoughts from “gloomy” to “sunny” just by our actions, after waking up.

Yes, Spin it and Win it upon awakening, and when you go outside, don’t forget to put the “gloss” on!

Yours in “Thought” – Coach