Attempt to enjoy…

Your “guilty” pleasures or vice for a change.

That way, you can really enjoy it, when it’s time to stop.

Because guilt sometimes keeps us in the loop.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Occasionally, we are too critical…

Of what we create…or of ourselves, taking our attention off the “whole picture”.

My Grandmother used to cook the best meals I think I have ever eaten – ever.

Turkey with the best gravy…Pot roast…ham for Easter…you know, the old fashioned kind with the pork cracklings still on it.

But it never failed…about 5-10- minutes after we all sat down to eat…she remembered the biscuits…they were always burnt by then….and she would fret over burning them, when no one even really cared about them because everything else was so good!!

Is there anything that is taking your attention away from the whole picture that reminds you of this story??

Yours in seeing the “Whole Picture” – Coach

A big question that is often asked is…

How do I get motivated?

Great question…we can either use the “Carrot or the Stick”…you know, in getting a donkey to do something…use the carrot in the front, or the stick from behind – all to get the donkey moving forward…

We can so the same with ourselves – whatever works.

In using a “Carrot” in helping us to move forward, we can take things that we perceive is better than we currently are, or have, and use them as inspiration, for what we want to have, or become.

Or we can also use the “Stick” to help us move forward, by taking things which we perceive as being worse than we are, or have, and use them for motivation.

Yours in Choice – Coach

Some of us are on the cutting edge…

Of Ignorance…I know I am.

We can’t know everything, and we can never know it all, but we can sure keep learning.

Remember when we were all 16? We knew it all! We were definitely smarter than our parents and undoubtedly smarter than our teachers.

Then, once “real life” started to rear it’s head of responsibilities, we seemed to not be as smart as we thought we were.

Remembering that we were once as smart as they come, and we dummy up over time is a great lesson and inspiration that can help us keep learning and growing – once we pass the age of 16.

Yours in “Continued Growth” – Coach

You can do it all…

Just not all at once.

That was the Brilliant phrase our own Esteemed Amara brought back from the Leadership Workshop – to keep the vocabulary of her team “Top Notch”.

And the phrase really is empowering, when you stop to think a bit.

Because we Can do it all, it’s just that many times we get our heads too full, and try to do it all at once, which leads to discouragement and sometimes, giving up altogether.

But when we remember, we can do it all, “just not all at once” sure is an assuring piece of information – to have us keep working our plan.

Yours in “Thank You Amara” – Coach

Send a letter to get a letter…

That’s the old school phrase for “Pay it forward”. I started many generations ago, and most likely when people started writing letters.

“Send a letter to get a letter” conveyed message is that you must first do…in order for anything to be received.

Newton’s 3rd law of motion even states: “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”.

So just start the action and see what happens.

Yours in Sending Letters – Coach