You betcha…it can help keep us sane.
We are talking about the “Flow” of what we all do, day to day.

We can get overwhelmed and even “frazzled” by the constant onslaught of things we are doing or attempting to get handled – we do one thing after another, many times, without a lot of structure to what we do.

And since Structure Dictates Function, why not put a little structure into the process to add a little more efficiency to what we do – it usually gives us more free time in the long run.

So instead of working on this and then that, group the same tasks that we do on an ongoing basis, and handle them once an hour, once a day or even once a week…because by the time we get our heads around a new task and complete it and go on to another, we could have done the same task that was saved and “compartmentalized” in a much more efficient, and time saving manner.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Having a challenge…

Slowing down? Maybe we just need to change our focus a bit.

The world keeps on going around and around, so it’s up to us to find the places where we can take a break from it all and “get whole”.

What most consider a waste of time, could be our perfect haven.

Lines, airports, flying, driving, and waiting for the doctor can be excellent times for all of us to breathe a little deeper, think about what we want to think about…and just be ourselves.

There’s no need to hurry up those situations – it just gets us back in the fast pace of life, sooner…so maybe we need to focus on relaxing instead of being anxious – because one will help…and the other one won’t.

Yours in “Creating Your Own Haven” – Coach

Do we need to…

Think about our lives and get back to basics?

Jed Clampett of The Beverly Hillbillies, who inadvertently struck oil in his Ozark swamp land, was approached by Milburn Drysdale who let him know that he could move to Beverly Hills to have all the best.

Instead of living in a “shack”, Drysdale said “You could be living in a mansion, with indoor plumbing, electric heat and a beautiful yard”.

But Jed had all he needed in the Ozarks, “I have an outhouse, wood burning stove and I can shoot and grow anything I want to eat”.

Yours in “Back to Basics” – Coach

A great quote…

That we can all use to help us and others is from Aristotle:

“Never discourage someone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow”.

It’s good for us to know when dealing with others and even better to remember for ourselves.

I have met with a lot of folks that have been discouraged in their own lives and were ready to throw in the towel, just because they didn’t think they were making any progress.

It was just because they were to close to their “deal”. Once they stepped back and looked at where they are and where they were just 6 months ago…they could see the major progress they have made and everything was OK .

The ironic thing was, that nothing changed, except the way they viewed it.

Yours in “The Right View” – Coach

A good friend…

Of mine in college, used to find money on the ground, wherever we went.

Sounds weird, I know, but amazingly he would find $5, $10 and $20 bills just lying on the ground…while I never found anything.

He told me his secret: “When I walk, I always look around on the ground, because that’s where the money is, and that’s why I find it”.

Makes sense to me, because I never look on the ground for money…and maybe that’s why I never found any.

Now I use the same principle to get what I am looking for. Focus on what I want and it soon comes into view.

Yours in “Focus on what we want to find” – Coach

What’s Good Posture?

YOU HAVE GOOD POSTURE – if you back up against a wall and your buttocks, back of
shoulders and back of your head all touch the wall with no forced effort.

IF YOU DON’T – you can change it…you see,

Ligaments have mechano-receptors called golgi bodies…they are responsible for
keeping the ligaments from stretching too much and for resuming previous length
if you will.

But if you stretch ligaments with consistency and duration…after 20 minutes
the golgi bodie “Cry Uncle” and receive a temporary new set point and over
time you can help to dictate proper length of postural ligaments from their
ever shortening journey caused by gravity and sitting.

And remember one of the strongest ligament of your body? It is the Anterior
Longitudinal Ligament, and is positioned in the front of our spine. Over time
with the help of gravity, it gets to be like if you were wearing a tie and bent over
and pinned it to your belt….you couldn’t straighten up if you tried.

We are born with a “C” curve (and without intervention) we blossom with posture
and then make a slow decline back to how we started…in the “C” curve.

PS. Age with poor posture can make one’s appearance in some cases, look older
than reality and one who ages with good posture most often appears younger than
their age which also helps with positive reinforcement of YOU.

Take it slow, undoing the forward leaning posture by a backwards stretch on a
fitness ball, little by little, it will also stretch out your whole body giving it many other
countless gems of health.

Yours in Posture – Coach