We get…

…what we settle for.

Whether we allow it, choose it, or put up with it…it make no difference…the fact is simply, what is in our life, is in our life.

And if we don’t like it, it is up to us to change it.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Who’s to Say…

What goes on in our lives?

Last time I checked it was us and is linked to our choices.

“Who’s to Say” we can do this or we can do that, and “Who’s to Say” we did it good or not so well?

Others may give you their feedback but the real deal always comes back to us.

So always remember that we are our own judge and jury in the way our life goes or doesn’t go – no one else.

Yours in “Who’s to Say” – Coach

Some of us…

Relax better than others.

That’s OK, if we choose to relax, when things are handled, or when we need a break …it’s just a part of balancing out.

Relaxing is a great way to re-charge our “batteries” and get out of our head a bit, allowing us to be refreshed to “get back to it” when we need to.

Just as some of us find it little easier to work than relax, and if that’s the case – maybe a little balancing out is in order.

Yours in Balance – Coach

Staying Hungry…

It was the title of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first movie when he was the top in his game in bodybuilding.

He said that “staying hungry” was his recipe for success, for if he was full, he would be satisfied and not do more to excel.

Staying hungry is also the opposite of “the fat cat syndrome”, and we all know where that leads to.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Some of us run away from…

Success and some of us Run away from Failure.

In either case, we are running away from something which puts us in the position of reacting, and not in control.

Why not Run towards something…then we are responding and it allows us to be the one in control.

Yours in Perspective – Coach

“Every time I go to…

See you, something happens to something”.

Ever feel that way, with your intentions, or when someone intends to see you? In either case, it doesn’t feel that good, does it.

There is always tomorrow, later or another time.

But with people, the best time is usually “Now”.

Yours in “Creating the Time” – Coach

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