Emotional Health?

It may be a challenge to always monitor your thoughts, but a good way to see how you are doing in the thinking department is to check out how you feel.

Since thoughts drive emotions (sorry Freud), just a quick check of how you are feeling will give you a good reflection of how your thoughts are flowing. And since emotional health can dictate your bodies physiology (eg. you get beet red when you’re mad) it’s pretty important to keep your unwanted emotions in check.

So if you are feeling really  down or negative, you can guarantee that you are thinking negative thoughts, and recognizing that, you have a great chance at starting to change your thinking to jump start yourself back to feeling and being positive.

A big thing to remember about how you think and your thoughts, is that YOU are in control with what goes on in your own mind. How you react or respond to things in your life is up to you, not your environment, experiences or circumstances.

So checking how you feel can be a great bearing on how your thoughts are doing, and if you need to make a change to the positive…REMEMBER – it’s up to you and YOU can do it!!!

Yours in Control – Coach

Nature abhors a vacuum…

Nature doesn’t like a vacuum as it disrupts it homeostasis, or it’s balance by the void that is created.

So while changing existing habits, make sure to fill in what you are changing out, or the void may be filled with something you don’t want.

Yours in Changing Habits – Coach

Gratuitary Gland?

It’s kind of like the Pituitary gland.
But instead of it’s primary role of providing growth of your body, the Gratuitary gland is in control of positive growth in your life.
It’s function is stimulated by being grateful and showing gratitude for all the blessing we have in our lives which promotes future growth… the more we use it.
So continue to be grateful and show gratitude, and the positive process will continue to work by itself.
– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Eating with the Seasons

I would like present a topic that has been the very foundation of our meals and food preparation since the dawn of civilization. We have been evolving by this way of eating, and only until recently has this process been disrupted.


Eating with the seasons allows us to eat what is normally available at any one given time of the year and is also what we have been doing with the exception of the last 100 years or so.

Our bodies have been adapting to what we eat and when we eat it and nature has been supporting it every step of the way. Take for example citrus, which comes in the winter, is full of vitamin C which helps with the immune system fending off sickness by keeping our cellular structure strong. Spring is when many of the fruits come, and fruits being “cleansers”, helping our body to clean out from the usually inactive winter. Summer brings the melons, full of water, helping us hydrate when the sun is the strongest. Fall brings the root vegetables and squash, more packed with starch to help us through the winter. And green vegetables are filled with calcium and only are around when there is sunshine because sunshine helps produce vitamin Din our body…the vitamin that transports calcium to our bones… and when the sun is out, we need stronger bones as we are usually more active.

So as you can see just with these few examples, there is an orchestra going on with the seasons and our body that we should listen to…it’s what got us here in the first place.

Yours in Season – Coach

All or Nothing?

That attitude in goal setting, many times, can disrupt our attempt of creating our desired results.

The truth is, life sometimes gets in the way and it must not derail our Freight Train to Success City.

So in goal setting, don’t be too attached to “All or Nothing” and maybe think of it as “Just Better than Before”.

Yours in Success – Coach

Delegate or Stagnate…

Sounds harsh but it’s really not.

I’m not just talking about work. It would be nice to delegate “your” work to make your life more simple…

But since almost nothing is created alone… I’m talking about delegating not only tasks, but teamwork, success’, acknowledgement and recognition for the greater good of a common goal.

Your is Success – Coach