Do you Major in Minor Things??

If you do, it is up to you to change it up.

When people Major in Minor Things, it is usually because they are off focus or have no plans or goals in life.

It happens in all ages but is more evident in some retired couples…with nothing to do and all day to do it. Eg. Husband and Wife: “You didn’t vacuum in the corners”, “I vacuumed in the corners”. , “You left your fork out”, “No, I put it back in the drawer”, “No, you left it out”…..WHO CARES??

The fact is, that when you are off focus or have no plans or goals, you need to find a way to feel useful and since there are no “Major Things” to command your attention, you turn to the little “Minor Things”.

So when you find yourself Majoring in Minor Things, time to get back on

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Whatever happens…

Control the outcome?

Yet since the only thing we control is ourselves, maybe we can be a bit more specific and say…control the outcome and how it effects us.

Want to control the outcome in the  stock market and not have it effect us? – Don’t play.

Want to control the outcome of your friends that keep borrowing money? – De-select them.

Want to control the outcome and have everything to go smoothly? It won’t – so you go smoothly.

Any game we choose to be in, contains inherent risks, and if we want to control the outcome, stay out of the game, otherwise the outcome will effect us, one way or another – but sometimes the risk is worth the reward.

Yours in “Controlling Your Outcome” – Coach

If we really want to get something done…

All we need to do, is focus on it.

We’re not just meaning giving it some occasional attention, but to make it part of most every move we make and part of our vocabulary.

Just like Bubba, in the movie “Forrest Gump”. Where all he can think about is shrimp. He’s going to open a restaurant someday and everything is shrimp to him – barbecue shrimp. lemon shrimp, sidewalk shrimp, potato shrimp…that’s all he talks about.

So next time we really want to get something done, make sure our focus is part of everything we do, considering if it’s in alignment with what we want, and a part of who we are, and part of our talk?

Remember this type of focus – slow and steady – will help us achieve whatever we need to handle.

Yours in “Focus” – Coach

People Love to Hate…

And Love to Love.

It’s why the tabloids, gossip magazines and shows are ever increasing in amount and popularity.

They lure you in by stirring things up which is done to evoke an emotional response of love or hate and provoke you to take sides.

It’s not the way things should be and that’s why, most likely, they keep growing.

But if you have your own views and perceptions and are confident with yourself, you can disregard the gossip and stirring up, and just Love to Love.

Yours in “Love” – Coach

Is your glass 1/2 full…

Or 1/2 empty?

It’s really the same thing, but it’s the way we look at it, that makes the difference.

The same goes with our lives. We can see the positive or see the negative and view our lives as 1/2 full or 1/2 empty even though it is the same thing.

And in looking at things positively, we tend to continue our focus on the positive, which makes more positive things come into view, and unfortunately, the opposite is true when we focus on the negative.

I have known people that have admitted to me that they always see the glass as 1/2 empty…and admittedly, their lives are 1/2 empty as well.

Yours in Choice – Coach

Sometimes, it’s better to love and lost…

Than to stay with an idiot.

It may seem like a terse way to put it, but it will be easy to remember.

And it is true with some people in our lives, and for some decisions that we have made.

Sometimes it’s OK to change directions…because our first decision, even if we thought it was right at the time, doesn’t always bring our intended results.

Yours in “Open to Change” – Coach