The older the berry…

The sweeter the juice.

Yes, since things mature over time and with age, they can be harvested to bring out the maximum desired results.

But in today’s society, the “McDonald’s” factor of wanting it now and demanding a forced result before it’s ready, often times, makes us “pick it” before it’s ripe.

We must be patient for all good things to come to be, at it’s own pace, and not ours – otherwise we can’t harvest all that there can be.

The Latin phrase “Pauca sed matura” meaning “Few but ripe” is all that we need to remember.

Yours in “When it’s Time” – Coach

Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day 1228

There is a time…

To learn and there is a time to teach. and making the transition, takes time.

Many of the folks I have talked with, in many different fields, have let me know that they are trying to be experts, but they are having a hard time getting traction with clients.

The common denominator I have seen is that many of these folks are quite young and haven’t done all their homework to become the expert they want to be, and the world seems to know it.

So my advice is to stay focused on what you are doing and keep up the studies and research, but it’s not always what they want to hear.

But, as we’ve said before, “Experts, or an overnight success, takes on the average, 20 years”.

Yours in “Staying Focused and Patient” – Coach

The one thing we can give…

And still keep, is our word.

Pretty Cool, eh?

People “buy” relationships, and the one investment that is most highly prized is trust.

Coming through on our word, and always being able to back our commitments is not only something people can depend on, it can help be a safe haven for many, in this world of uncertainty.

So, in keeping our word, we give what we keep – and help others along the way.

Yours in “Word” – Coach

“The word “Yes”…

Has changed my life.”

I wonder how many can use that statement, for the success in their own lives?

I bet…a ton.

No, is the usual response, and sometimes is followed up with an excuse or two.

There is definitely times to use “no” in our lives, yet the last I checked, saying “Yes” to  something, even if we don’t yet fully know all we are saying “Yes” to, turns the ordinary into possibilities.

What if we all said “Yes” a little more often?

Yours in “Yes” – Coach

Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day 1227

What you do best…

Should be on film!

You know the deal – we all do something that is totally ours and everyone loves it, but when we are asked to do it, we won’t.

What’s up with that? And if we are asked to do it for the camera – it’s definitely “No way”.

Time to get a bit out of our comfort zone and show the world…after all, everyone we show likes it, so why not give a bit more, for everyone else:)

Yours in “Bust Out” – Coach


…The things you don’t want in your life and Select the things you want…

Make them a part of your dominant thoughts and you will, over time, create what you have declared.

–          Dr. Vik, The Culture King