Daily inspirational Quotes – Day 1360

What will you do today…

To make your world shine bright?

Will you take a relationship to the “Next Level”? Will you take a project that you are working on, to completion?

Maybe help someone lift their outlook for the future? Or simply smile at everyone around you.

What ever you decide, just be mindful that there are unlimited possibilities and opportunities to make your day shine bright – which will help others shine bright in the process!

Yours in “Making Today Shine” – Coach

An employee came to me today…

…with something she had for years but just found it last night…it said,
“What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn’t fail”?

It was nice to hear that she was finally excited about the possibilities awaiting her in the future, because only a month ago she hit rock bottom.

She was telling me that she has changed her attitude and focus from what was wrong to what is good and what could be. She even changed her phone # of 3 years to rid herself of the people that were calling her and bringing her down.

Her positive steps to “turn things around” have touched her and her family, with her kids doing better too!! She even won a DVD/CD player yesterday?

Same circumstances – different attitude – amazing results…and it all started with her ~ Sweet.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

If we had a Car Worth…

A Billion dollars, we would probably wax it and take care of it with great pride..

On the front on the30 Day Goal piece that I give out is a Billion Dollar bill. It represents that we are ALL worth at least a Billion Dollars.

It may sound strange, but I ask the ones that are making the goals “If there were a place that they could go to and cut both their arms and legs off and trade them in for a Billion Dollars, would they do it”?

They all say they wouldn’t – goes to show…just our arms and legs are worth a Billion Dollars!

So are we taking care of ourselves, and the folks around us like we are all worth at least a Billion dollars, or a $10 dollar bill?

Your in Thought – Coach

Start Things Off Smooth…

I’m talking about a “Smoothie”.

It’s hard to beat a delicious smoothie packed with fruits, fluid and nuts to start your day with a healthy blast.

Just put in some fruit, ice and fluid of your choice and you can also add nuts, wheat germ, or anything else you like and blend it up!

Starting your day off smooth just may be the way to go.

Yours in Health – Coach


…Any game gets easier over time.

So when is it  time for you to “Up the Game”?

Yours in “You know when”:) – Coach

Sometimes our “best friend”…

Can be our best friend.

In living life, we can get consumed or even have our blinders on, in certain situations or with the direction were are attempting to go…simply because we are part of our deal, which makes our decisions subjective.

A best friend is a good resource to help us along the way, not only because they know you, and have your back, but because they are also “outside” your life and can be objective about your deal.

We may not feel that we need advice is certain situations or in direction, but a best friend can give you suggestions.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King