Big Week?

You Betcha! Every week is big for us, that’s the way we roll!

And in our efforts towards our big week, it’s best that we handle the little things such as cleaning, housework, laundry and all of our other affairs, so that we can focus on our big week.

I know it doesn’t seem that glamorous to do some of these tasks – but they need to be done, so why not do them before our big week starts – it will put our minds at ease.

Simply making a plan to start fresh, by doing the little things on our off time, works great…for our family, it all gets handled on the weekends – We call it “Operation Cleanup” and everyone chips in.

In doing so, we can all look forward to our big week with the liberty and freedom to Excel..

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Knowledge is Power?

You bet it is, and knowledge can be powerful in all kinds of situations.

Being knowledgeable in an area where we have expertise, can help us get the job we want and grow from there. It can also be helpful when it comes to making money when investing, as having little knowledge in what we are investing in, soon separates us from our money.

Having knowledge in what we are all about can help us not to get lured into things and situations that may not be in alignment with what we are all about.

And when it comes to family, being knowledgeable in that area can help to raise the family to be upstanding citizens, that not only helps the world be a better place, but allowing to pass down the knowledge to further generations.

Knowledge is good and the Power it brings can be great.

Yours in “Knowledge is Power” – Coach

Right down the Pipe…

It’s baseball season…and that’s the phrase used when it comes to what the batters want to see their pitch to be – “right down the pipe”.

It allows the batter to swing confidently and not be confused by an off speed pitch or a breaking ball that is hard to follow.

The phrase can also be applied to our lives, and we can ask ourselves “What are we doing that allows people to be confident about what we are serving up and not making things hard to follow”?

Serving others what we have to offer “right down the pipe” always makes a more enjoyable game.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

We all have the choice…

To either “Lift Up” or “Pull Down”, when it comes to the people, relationships, and situations in our lives.

And the outcome will always be in alignment with what we choose.

So let’s all make our future choices, the choice that will positively affect us all.

Your in “Choice” – Coach

We are constantly …

Moving forward in our lives.

And we can be moving towards opportunity or away from it…all our choice.

This is based on our thoughts, decisions and actions that arise from them.

So we must me mindful and understanding…Are we moving along a path that will meet very few choices…or many choices?

Yours in “Thought” – Coach

Battle vs War?

General Lee, in the Civil war, sure was successful in the battles he led, but they lost the war.

The same with Hannibal in his quest to burn down Rome…he won virtually all his battles, but never succeeded in his end result, to destroy Rome.

Great efforts, but the end result of the battles was to succeed in the end result, which was lost in both cases.

We need to heed the past for the success in our future, and make sure our individual “battles” are in alignment with the end results of what we want our future to be.

Yours in “Focusing on the End Result” – Coach