Are you buzzing around…

Like an electron?

You might remember it from chemistry class.

An electron is a negatively charged particle which “buzzes” around the nucleus of an atom – so fast that scientists can only assume that they’re there, but can’t quite put their finger on where it’s going to be at any one given time.

Sounds like one of the days we all have? Buzzing around and around, seemingly getting nothing accomplished, but buzzing around”

Not to worry – just like an electron, we have a charge to us, but unlike an electron, we don’t have to go buzzing around. We can take our time, do the things that make the most sense at the time and then go on to the next priority.

Oh, and unlike an electron – we can do it with a positive charge:)

Yours in “Moving Positively” Coach

Sharing is…


That’s from our very own Illustrious Fred!

He’s right – and we innately learned it when we were kids – you remember – when you cared about someone – you shared, and when you didn’t – they got nothing.

But as we grow older, we also begin to understand that sharing is just a great thing to do – no matter what we have, or who the other person is…because as adults, we know something that we didn’t know as a kid…we can always get more of what we share, and when we share first, it opens the spirit of caring.

Nice one – Making the World a Better Place.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Everyone you see today…

Has their own Challenges.
Challenges are just part of the deal. Some may have health troubles or financial concerns, while others may be experiencing relationship woes…we’ve all got something – don’t kid yourself.
And so do you. It’s life. Everything can be perfect, but for only a short while…because things change.
We may want to think about that before we are quick to become impatient – you may be good for now – but others may not be.
– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

Move it, Move it.

There are times when we need to get going, especially when we face challenges.

“When the coals get hot, we need to move our feet”, otherwise we get burned.

And “When we are playing with Elephants, we need to move quickly, or we get stepped on”.

Good things to know, because there are times when we need to get going and look around, instead of playing our own game, in our own time.

Because whenever we are playing a game – we are playing with others.

Yours in “Move it, Move it” – Coach

Do we rely more on hope…

Than our own expectations?

Occasionally, we do, but it’s not the best made plan.

Hope is bound to include outside help to step up, before we do.

It’s our own expectations that gets our wheels turning by our own power, driving towards what we expect.

So next time your find yourself relying a bit too much on hope, set your expectations and let the trip unfold.

Yours in  “Expectations” – Coach

Water, Water Everywhere…

And some of us don’t drink?

Keeping your insides in “tiptop” shape and your body cleansing as well, needs water to function as it should.

Your kidney’s are pumps – have you ever run a pump dry? Your lymph system removes toxins from your blood and works best if the fluid flows like water and not thick sludge. Your heart can circulate blood much easier when it is “thin” from water…we can go on and on…

A good rule of thumb is to take in 1 ounce of fluid for every 2 pounds of body weight per day. Fruits and vegetables are up to 90% water and meats and cheeses are about 50% water and they will also help in your daily fluid intake. So you can count on your food giving you about 20% of your daily water intake.

So give your body what it needs and your health will thank you!

Yours in Health – Coach