There is only one…True Success.

And that is to spend your life, in your own way.

Sound corny or unreachable? Maybe at first, but what is means, is that we first align ourselves with our passion.

That’s the stumble point for most: “How can I make a living lying on the couch, or playing video games, or just hanging out?”

The second part clarifies: we then align our passion with a beneficial Vision, other than ourselves…like having your passion helping out individuals, pets, the world – just pick it.

Once we are aligned with our passion “plus” our Vision, we will be spending our life…our way…while helping others.

Yours in “Trust” – Coach

One Response to “There is only one…True Success.”

  1. Robert Avila

    Thanks Dr. Vik!

    ” …that is to spend your life, in your own way.”

    I’ve noticed that sometimes in life others want us to live they lives they have chosen … and not want us to live differently than they do.

    I think it’s this pulling and influence from others such as our friends and family that can cloud our vision, causing us to doubt our own path. All of these outside voices and influences floating around can make it difficult for us to define our own success…

    Thank for simplifying the process!



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