No natural occurrence goes on and on.

It rains and it stops. The sun shines and then there is darkness. The
tide goes up and then goes down. Things bloom and then recede. We live
with nature and must do the same.

Work must be balanced by rest and play. If we balance our personal lives
with our business lives, we will not only have a happier personal life
but most likely be more energized at work. Some people may work 40 hours
a week but think about work for another 40 hours while they’re at home,
which makes them feel as though they have worked 80 hours a week. Which
boils down to being ineffective at work and at home.

Even at work, there must be a balancing act. Some of us that have a
highly focused job must balance our
attention with the balance of creative time. That’s why slack time is
recommended at work for our creative efforts. And at home, there must be
a balance of family and “you” time.

The fact is, if we are balanced and refreshed, we are happier and more productive at home and at
work. Therefore we must remember that when we play, we play and when we
work, we work.

Yours in Balance – Coach

3 Responses to “Balance”

  1. bmarkham

    Awesome story! Truly insightful. An instant classic. I can hear Disney banging at the door for the movie rights.

  2. mdisbrow

    The best part is we are in a position to help strengthen this masterpiece by continually placing the “new” bricks in the correct order/place. This will truely show the outcome of how great we all can make this building.

  3. Noel

    I vote for mandatory creative time! Wouldn’t it be cool to have massive brainstorming sessions? Or just relax and discuss what is going on within the business world?
    We definitely need balance both at work and home. I consider merchandising a mix of both art and science. Sometimes it would be nice to split our time more effectively and focus on the art of our business too!