Importance of Sleep

The body is a self healing machine, and 95% of healing happens when you
sleep. It has over 100K miles of blood vessels to take care of as
just one of its duties of regeneration all of the bodies cells, tissue and organs.
If this process is interfered with, we not only regenerate less, over time, we
degenerate more.
Knowing that digestion takes at least 50% of your bodies energy and
blood flow (it’s the very reason we shouldn’t swim after eating)
we would like to have the majority of our digestion completed so our
body’s energy and blood flow can be focused on the regenerative process that
goes on while we sleep, so 4 hours is the preferable time to eat before we
retire to bed – FYI – but for the weekends, please feel free to use the
80/20 rule:)

Yours in Rest – Coach

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  1. ZapVegas

    There are some activities that you can do to actively prepare yourself for sleep.
    Prepare for sleep
    Setting the stage for a good night’s sleep can help you get your mind and body into “sleep mode.”

    * Relax your body. To reduce muscular tension, try techniques such as meditation, progressive relaxation (see glossary), or even taking a warm bath.
    * Unwind mentally. About a half hour before going to bed, enjoy a low-key activity such as reading or listening to music.
    * Once in bed, try to stop worrying. Avoid solving your problems from your bed. Before going to bed, make a list of problems and “next steps” for the following day.
    * Try a high-carb snack. A light snack that is high in carbohydrates, such as a plain bagel, might help you relax.
    * Avoid heavy, spicy, or high-sugar foods.

    Hope these help you out!


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