Effects of Emotion


Being positive directs one to be creative, non-defensive, open to new
ideas, constructive and tolerant. Your “Dominant Thought” of being
positive does its best searching out what is good instead of what is

Whereas being negative puts one on a “seek and destroy” mission of
finding what is wrong in a situation as well as being intolerant,
defensive, small minded and pretty much not liked.

In being negative, the saying, “If you wake up pissed, you won’t be
missed,” proves true.


Being positive also allows your body to be more at ease. It allows all
of the body and its functions to flow. Since the result of being
positive is being relaxed, it allows for relaxation of the blood
including lower blood pressure and pulse rate as well as the other
of the body following suit.

When one is negative and “uptight”, everything in the body follows the
lead of being negative or uptight and is constricted. This includes
blood pressure, pulse rate and constriction of all the other body
and whether that part is a valve tissue or vessel, the functions are
impaired when there is constriction.
So the choice is yours, be positive or negative, but remember there are
a lot of other things that come with each emotion.

Yours Positively – Coach

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  1. bmarkham

    I was so excited when I read this because it was exactly what I was trying to explaing to my girlfriend. So I sent it to her and she totally got it. It helped so much, thanks Dr. Vik!


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