We are constantly …

Moving forward in our lives.

And we can be moving towards opportunity or away from it…all our choice.

This is based on our thoughts, decisions and actions that arise from them.

So we must me mindful and understanding…Are we moving along a path that will meet very few choices…or many choices?

Yours in “Thought” – Coach

One Response to “We are constantly …”

  1. Robert Avila

    Thanks Dr. Vik …

    Sometimes it can be so easy to just go with the flow … and look back 10 years later saying how in the heck did I end up here!

    Your concept about options is a great idea to consider when evaluating the direction of our lives and choices we have along the road ahead.

    If one is flying blind … not looking at the options each choice provides they can find themselves backed into a corner down the road =(

    Wish you the best!