Are You in Control?

Yes, you are in Control!

In the fast paced world we live in it often times seems as though we are
not in control of our lives and we are consistently being ordered to do
this or do that by our jobs, our relationships and our commitments.

The truth is that we have chosen all that is in our lives and it is up
to us to honor what we have brought into our lives because it was our
choice in the first place. If it is our relationships, jobs or our
commitments, remember we picked them, no one else.

The real reason most of us feel somewhat overwhelmed and therefor not in
control is because we have over committed ourselves and spread ourselves
too thin, or found we are “spinning too many plates” if you will.

That is the time to re-prioritize what you have chosen to be in your
life and make a plan to simplify. By continuing to under deliver to your
current commitments you will stay overwhelmed and continue to feel as
you are not in control.

Releasing what is not in high priority, you can start to have more focus
and pay more attention to what is a priority or what is important and
start to get the feeling back of being in control and once again begin
to enjoy your life and everything in it.

Yours in Simplification – Coach

One Response to “Are You in Control?”

  1. LC

    I find that saying “no” to people often helps me to stay in control of how many obligations I have. And, I find it’s so much better to be honest when saying “no”, rather than lying in order to get out of something. Even if it’s family, people you love, sometimes you have to just say no and not allow people to weigh you down with more obligations than you can handle. It’s okay to say “no”. It doesn’t make you a bad person, just better organized and more in control of your life. That’s my opinion anyway.