You have to relax but…

Balance and relaxation is very important to your life, but too much of a good thing is usually too much of a good thing.

We either produce or consume, and we just need to balance out enough “down time” to get refreshed in order to continue to produce.

In coaching employees and listening to them, I’ve heard too many people tell me about their spouse or partner not working or doing anything that will help better their living conditions.

From “they will look for a job” which they have been saying for the past year, or “they are too good for that type of work”… it all seems to baffle me.

The fact is, “Once you start coasting, there is only one way to go and that’s downhill”.

So you can take a breather, but understand that you also need to get back to it, once the breather is over.

– Dr. Vik