Weight Gain and Soda Consumption???

Here’s the deal:

Regular soft drinks contain large amounts of HFCS – High Frustose Corn Syrup, which impairs the feedback loop to your brain, resulting in you not being able to tell that you are full.

This explains some of the people I coach that drink up to 12 regular sodas a day, and want to cut down….I’ve challenged them to drink the same amount only with water…they can’t come close to the 12 soda amount…they get full.

Diet soft drinks contain artificial sweeteners which have little or no calories yet they tell your body that it has ingested something sweet, and since real sweets come with calories, you will end up searching for calories that were promised and not delivered and overeat in other areas.

So….With regular sodas you drink a lot of calories and can’t tell you’re full whereas with diet sodas you don’t drink the calories, you find them somewhere else. What’s the solution?? You know… Moderation:)

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

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