To give or not to give…

“Giving” is the only word that is on 2 lists, one list being Positive and the other being Negative:

1. Love, gratitude, hope, dreams, passion, GIVING, etc.

2. Hate, anger, resentment, jealousy, contempt, GIVING, etc.

Many people I coach have a challenge with giving too much…time, money, emotion etc. until they feel there is nothing left.

So you can give which is positive or give too much which can be negative.

The way around this and to remain “Whole” is that you can “Understand” instead of “Give” for those who seem to continually take and take.

This strategy is not meant to be mean spirited or selfish, it’s to keep you “Whole”, after all, if there is nothing left…there’s nothing left to give.

Yours in staying “Whole” – Coach