The Power of Your Dominant Thought creates focus…and your reality!

Tell me…how many red cars did you see on the way to work this morning, 1, 5, 8?? I bet you couldn’t give me or anyone a definitive or precise answer and most probably you couldn’t remember one….Why??? Because it wasn’t part of your Dominant Thought therefore it was not your Focus.

Move forward – When you go home tonight, do you think you could come up with a definitive and precise number of red cars on the road?? Most likely. Does that mean that there were no red cars on the road when you came to work?? Probably not…do you think you created red cars on the way home through the Law of Attraction?? Probably not.

The fact is that there were basically the same number of red cars when you came to work as when you went home. It’s just that the red cars were always in your sight to and from work, but on the way home they were in your VISION.

In Life, things go unnoticed within your sight but with the focus of the Power of Your Dominant Thought things come into your VISION. Try it. Wake up and think as negative as you can and see what comes into
your vision and reality.

And try it thinking positive….You will experience the Power of Your Dominant Thought.

Good Luck

-Dr. Vik, The Culture King