The Power of One…

“One” can be a numeral or an individual…

The numeral “1” is the smallest positive whole number yet it can have remarkable results and turn the ordinary into extra ordinary.

It can be that “One” tenth of a second in a foot race or the “One” less stroke in a golf match or that  “One”
hundredth of a second in a horse race, all separating The “Winner” from the rest.

In using “One” as an individual, it can be that YOU are the “One” which makes that extra
effort in your relationships, it is YOU which gives that “One” more positive
thought for the day. It is YOU which helps the world out by adding that “One”
thing which can better it.

Whether The Power of “One” is used as the numeral or an individual, it IS what
expands your life, and you can do this simply by remembering and implementing
“The Power of One”.

Yours in “The Power of One” – Coach