“Shift It”

“Shift It”

Running through life at the same pace can sometimes be boring and fatiguing.

I’ve taken care of ultra long distance marathon runners who run for 24 hours at a time and also those who have also qualified for the Boston Marathon.

What they taught me was that when they run, they “shift” the way they run and the speed they run so that they make it without putting too much stress on any given body part for too long.

For instance, they will run on the balls of their feet, then make a “shift” to run more on their heels and they also vary their stride and pace. By doing this, it helps them not to overload any bone or muscle group for too long as other parts “rest” if you will.

Just like long distance running, life is also a journey and not a sprint. And by “shifting” your pace, focus and balance, you too can be in control of your journey and not race until you “burn out”.

So, feel free to set your own pace and “shift” whenever you need to in order to stay refreshed, and enjoy your journey.

Yours in “Shifting” – Coach

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