Same event, different descriptions??

Yes, research has shown time and time again that observation of the same event produces different descriptions of the event…how is that so??

It is because observations are made by people and people view things differently…why?…because they “flavor” the event on how they think or were thinking at the time of the event, making the observation subjective rather than objective, which varies the description.

This is because people think differently: some see the glass as half full and others see it as half empty. Some see the good in things and some see the bad.

It is up top you to choose how you observe events and “flavor ” them by your way of thinking. You can either choose being positive or negative which will in turn “flavor” the events in your life the same way.

Have you ever known some one to always be positive??? Events in their life also seem to be positive as well.

And you also know that person who would complain if they won the lottery…everything else in their life is negative as well.

You can’t always control the events in your life but you can control your view of the outcome.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King