Records are made to be Broken…

Although some just want a new record without paying the toll.

Breaking records are the sum of many parts: Determination, Consistency and Perseverance are paramount to this process. These factors are also the mainstays in taking it to the “Next Level”.

Since Structure dictates Function, re-thinking how we do things, to break a record, and taking it to the “Next Level” is key…after all, the old way is what shored up the foundation of where we were, and the new processes are what is needed to surpass the old….”You can’t spin 10 plates the way you’ve been spinning 5″.

So to all of you that have contributed to a new record, whether it be personal or in business, it is your actions and new processes that have made it come true – WORD

Yours in “Records are made to be Broken” – Coach

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