Posture, Can I Change It??

Yes, posture is something that can be changed but needs time.

After taking tens of thousands of spinal x-rays, the common denominator
is that most spines were individually formed basically the same, yet
were held in different aspects of posture.

There are 3 reasons for this:

1. Posture is partially determined by the genes in the way the “guide
wires” or musculoskeletal structure is formed and the associated muscle
tone and body type.

2.  Posture is also “imitative”, meaning that if the grandpa slouched,
so his son will slouch and then his son will slouch, etc.

3. Posture can be “trained” by repetitive micro trauma, as in the way
you sit or what you sit on or in on a repetitive basis that will help
shape you to what ever you do.

You can’t do much about your genes, although you can develop muscles
that can help you increase your posture. And understanding that posture
is also imitative, you can see how you will end up if you don’t take an
active role in changing it. And you can reverse the repetitive micro
trauma by being aware of what you are doing to your posture and changing
it as well.

But since posture is subconscious and is guided by the “Righting Reflex”
only doing conscious things to improve your posture will be temporary,
you need to stretch the Anterior Longitudinal Ligament (which is one of
the strongest ligaments in your body) which is in the front of your
spine and shortens along with poor posture.

Once it is stretched over time – a backwards stretch on a fitness ball
works well – you can start to let nature support the improved posture as
you pay attention to the other factors.

Yours in Good Posture – Coach

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