Oxygen in the Air…

We breathe, is the perfect mixture to to keep us healthy, but how can we get more of it?

Oxygen, in the right ratio, has wonderful health effects…bacteria has a hard time living with oxygen, and most every organ and tissue in our bodies function better with it…and the more the merrier.

The only way we can get more of it is to breathe more deeply. We can concentrate on every breathe, focusing on filling up our lungs so that we can get more oxygen in our bodies, but regretfully, since breathing is an unconscious act, when we focus on something else, our breathing falls back to it’s normal range.

We can overcome this obstacle by simply doing things in our lives that would automatically take our breathing to the “Next Level” without thinking about it.

And exercise is a perfect venue to set the stage for increased health. We just need to choose an exercise which allows us to breathe more deeply,  that works for us, and then the increased oxygen that our cells, tissues and organs crave… comes automatically.

Yours in “Breathing Deeply” – Coach