Our Record

I have some questions about the “Record” that plays inside our heads.

To clarify…it’s our internal self-talk,  and is our perception of how we think about ourselves and our abilities and situation…and it is virtually the same today as it was yesterday and the day before and the month before…

It’s usually not as good as it should be and we attempt to take it to the “Next Level” by wearing the “Winner” stickers the day of the workshop, taking the picture in the throne – confirming that you ARE Royalty, putting your goals on the Billion dollar bill which signifies that you are worth at LEAST a Billion dollars, throwing out positive blogs and other empowering stuff.

Why…because the “record” plays a big part in how we live now and in our futurre…and by changing OUR “record” for the better, our lives do better as well.

Yours in  a “Sweet Record” – Coach

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