New pair of shoes…

If you are impatient because your life isn’t going the way you want – think again.
I gave a talk to the St Jude’s Ranch for children in Boulder City, and after, since we sell shoes, they asked if it would be possible to donate some shoes for the kids.

They said it would make a big impact on the children and their lives, going to school sporting a brand new pair…you see, the 92 kids come from abusive homes and or are abandoned and most spend their entire lives at the Ranch.

The Ranch is a wonderful loving place which is not the point, the reason the kids are there is the sad part.

So Zappos and the Marketing team came through and helped deliver 92 – $100 gift certificates to the kids – I have a “thank you ” picture in my office from 6 of the most adorable and well mannered kids you have ever met.

So, you having a little bit of trouble in your life – think again.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King