My Metabolism has Gone Down…

Is that your excuse??

I hear it everyday…, “My metabolism has gone down, I can’t eat like I
used to, I don’t have time to exercise like I used to….” Great excuses,
and that’s what they are.

Yes, your metabolism does go down with age but not as much as you would
like to think. The big reason your metabolism goes down is because your ACTIVITY level goes down.

Think back, how active are you now compared to when you were young?? Do
you still have recess everyday and play after work like you did after
school?? Do you go out on the weekends and come in when it’s dark or
when your Mom makes you come in??

When was the last time you ran just to see how fast you could go? And
when was the last time your hands and feet looked like prunes from
swimming for 8 hours non stop??

If all these activities are way in the past, that’s the big reason your
metabolism has gone down, not your age.

It’s probably been quite a long time since you let it rip like when you
were younger. The scenario now is probably sit at work all day, and then
go home and sit some more.

So if you would like to eat more and look and feel better, maybe get
outside more often and play a little more…and use the excuses a little less.

– Dr. Vik, The Culture King

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